Ushering the Year of the Dog with Panamera & Pancit

People often look forward to their birthdays—that one day in the year when they feel special. One of my favorite Chinese-Filipino traditions is to celebrate birthdays by eating noodles (or “pancit” in Tagalog). That custom of eating noodles is also associated with the celebration of the Chinese New Year. Noodles signify longevity. Thus, they are consumed to ensure “long life.”

Just like a special person’s birthday, it has become customary for people in the motoring industry to look forward to the famous “PGA Cars Annual Noodle Party.” For over a decade, the Noodle Party has been a PGA Cars tradition to celebrate the Chinese New Year.  

To welcome the Year of the Earth Dog, PGA Cars/Porsche Philippines recently celebrated the Annual Noodle Party at the Carrera Café. The Year of the Dog seems to coincide with the concept of having two of “man’s best friend” at PGA’s Noodle Party—one, good food in the form of sumptuous noodles and main courses, and two, a beautiful car.

President and Chief Executive Officer Roberto Coyiuto III gave the guests an exclusive preview of the newest addition to the Porsche model range: the Panamera 4 Sport Turismo and the Panamera Turbo Sport Turismo. “This model line of the Panamera luxury sedan perfectly reflects the Porsche design DNA,” Coyiuto said.

Interestingly, the new Panamera Sport Turismo is the type of car that would also fit the lifestyle of dog-lovers. It strikes a dynamic balance between career, family, leisure and driving pleasure. 


The new Sport Turismo can seat up to five people with its 4+1 seating option. It is the first Panamera to feature three rear seats—the two outside seats take the form of individual seats, with a 2+1 configuration at the rear. It has generous legroom and headroom, and a large luggage compartment. Measured to the upper edge of the rear seats, the 520-liter storage capacity of the Sport Turismo accommodates more than the sports saloon by 20 liters. When loaded up to roof level and with the rear seats folded down, the Sport Turismo can store by around 50 liters more than the sports saloon. 

Adventurous or sporty drivers can enjoy the power of the new Panamera models. The Panamera 4 Sport Turismo can run up to 264 kph, while Panamera Turbo Sport Turismo has a top speed of 304 kph. Porsche’s Active Aerodynamics technology reduces drag and optimizes fuel consumption.

The launch of the new Panamera Sport models coincided well with the symbolism of the famous “pancit.” Just like noodles which signify longevity, a car like the Panamera Sport Turismo can be expected to enjoy popularity and prosperity for a long time. 

Longevity and prosperity might be a consistent theme for PGA Cars if it keeps rolling out these types of models. Coyiuto revealed: “The launch of the Panamera Sport Turismo models here in Philippines is only a sneak preview of what Porsche has in store for this year. I am excited to bring this iconic German brand to greater heights as it continues on its path to success this 2018.”

The new Sport Turismo is the first Panamera to feature rear seating for three.
Members of the motoring media at the famous PGA Cars Annual Noodle Party with Porsche Philippines President & CEO Robert Coyuito III and the new Panamera Sport Turismo

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