How safe are new cars?

I recently made a trip to PGA Cars in EDSA, Mandaluyong, which sells my faves: the latest Porsche and Audi cars. I was interested to see how the process of selling cars has changed in this new-normal situation we find ourselves in.

I mean, we know that people who love cars can’t stay away from car dealerships for a long time — and believe me, the past nine months have seemed like an eternity to stay away from those shining, new vehicles.

One of the first things I noticed, since it resumed physical operations following the easing of quarantine restrictions, is that PGA Cars, Inc., the official importer and distributor of Porsche, Audi, Lamborghini and Bentley in the country, has been practicing even more stringent sanitation protocols, prioritizing the health and safety of its clients, guests and workforce.

PGA Cars has been practicing even more stringent sanitation protocols, as shown here by Lamborghini Manila general sales manager Enrique Jarlego II, Porsche Philippines and Audi Philippines general sales manager Evelyn Amador, Audi Philippines product specialist Paolo Brambilla, and Bentley Manila general sales manager Rommel Corcuera.

I was welcomed into the display area of PGA Cars, where the sales executives and service advisors welcomed me in their full personal protective equipment (PPE).

Imagine, I wasn’t even wearing a PPE. They told me it was okay since the move for them to wear PPE complements the requirement for visitors to wear a mask at all times, as well as for them to observe social distancing in the showrooms.

I was — like all visitors are — encouraged to first book an appointment before visiting PGA Cars’ showrooms, or when a client brings in their vehicle for servicing. All vehicles are immediately disinfected upon arrival at the service center, and are disinfected again before they are released to clients.

Sales executives and service advisors are now welcoming guests while wearing full PPE.

One thing that I noticed upon entering PGA Cars was that each car had a tag that said “Sanitized” hanging from the rearview mirror. This signifies that the vehicle has been thoroughly disinfected before it is released to clients. The disinfection process is applied to new vehicles, as well to those that have been brought in for servicing. I saw vehicles that had been serviced outside the showroom.

Besides these, other steps being practiced at PGA Cars include employees being required to undergo total antibody testing prior to reporting for work; people entering the premises must undergo a thermal check, submit a health form and sanitize their hands; and regular disinfection of company facilities.

PGA Cars has adapted these additional measures to fully comply with international health and safety standards meant to stem the tide of COVID-19.

I was impressed. But more than that, I felt safe — that is important to feel when entering and test-driving a new car — that it is sanitized. There are so many things we touch when we view a brand-new car for the first time in a showroom, and it is comforting to know that PGA Cars takes all these measures to keep us safe in mind, body, and in practice.

For information or to book an appointment, call PGA Cars at 8727-0381 to 85.

Better yet, save up to get that car that you’ve always been dreaming of — or in my case, still dreaming on.

Maybe next year.

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