A drive for every Dad

It is not easy to put Dad in a box when it comes to his choice of ride, for unlike most mom mobiles—which is any vehicle that can fit all the kids, as she drives them to their many activities during the day, and is best for grocery shopping and meeting with friends for a quick catch-up—a dad car can take on many more interesting and adventurous purposes for riding.

More than just a family car, dads like to have a car for themselves that keeps them hip, young, outdoorsy and cool.

And, as many cars as there are out there—sports cars, SUVs, vans, pickups and muscle cars—so, too, are there varied dad personalities that can fit into any of these rides. But, at the end of the day, all dads are there for their kids—and so are the vehicles they pick for themselves. After all, one day they will pass on that ride to their kids. That’s what’s cool dads are really like.

The executive dad

This dad is attached to his work phone. He may not be the best expert to talk to about balance in life, but he knows how to advance a career while still being a dad.

Where you’ve actually seen him: Always with his face lit by the glow of his phone’s email app. He’s likely typing frantically or yelling about closing on a conference call.

His ride: It would be either a luxury or executive sedan or a long-wheel-base SUV with enough space for him to sit comfortably while working on his laptop.

But, despite his jam-packed schedule on weekdays, he takes time out on weekends to spend time with his family by going on quick jaunts outside the city. For this, his choice of car should have enough room for everyone. Driver-driven on weekdays and owner-driven on weekends, his car is something of a status symbol, which also shows he worked hard for his money.

The doting dad

This stay-at-home dad is devoted to his kids 24/7.

Where you’ve seen him: Running around behind his kids, picking them up or dropping them off for their play dates, or holding on to his kids’ backpack to be sure they are always together. He is wherever his kids are, and that most likely is at school in the classroom or on the sports field on weekends.

His ride: A reliable SUV. Nothing fancy, just a safe vehicle that can get him and his kids to where they need to be at a moment’s notice, and a spacious one, too, to fit the groceries and anything he might need to get when he runs his errands.

The hipster dad

He’s the dad to ask about the best outdoor cafés to bring children and a dog to. He also knows the best organic parenting gear. He makes sure he and his kids are wearing something nature-friendly. 

Where you’ve seen him: At the health store or an organic kiosk, suggesting new products they should try.

His ride: Any one of the hybrid vehicles introduced over the last five years. But most probably it will be a reliable one that takes him from point A to point B while saving and protecting the environment at the same time.

The geek dad

He is the dad dressed like a superhero. He is not ashamed to participate in his child’s interests. This dad loves playing dress-up with his kids, and showing them the ropes for his favorite games and movies.

Where you’ve seen him: He is the neighbor who’s building a full-scale spaceship in his garage “for his kid,” but you aren’t fooled.

His ride: A car that has a fancy center console with all sorts of lights and buttons to activate the many features, making the interiors look almost like a spaceship, which always entertains the kids.

The fixer-upper dad

He’s your modern-day MacGyver who always has a need to tinker or repair something. He always makes sure everything is in place and is in good working condition.

Where you’ve seen him: In car shops searching for parts he needs for his car project, or buying accessories he can add to customize his wheels. He takes his kids with him so they can learn how to fix and maintain a car, the way his dad did with him when he was younger.

His ride: A car from the ’90s or early 2000s, or a vintage hand-me-down from his dad that he’s been eager to restore to its former glory.

The coolest dad

This dad is older and his kids are all grown up. He’s always involved, even when you don’t want him to be—even if his kids are no longer “little ones.”  

Where you’ve seen him: Directing life discussions during family get-togethers or swinging his clubs at the golf course.

Computer graphics by Igan D’Bayan

His ride: A luxury sports car. This dad has earned all he has in life and now it’s time for him to take it easy and have some fun on the road. And since the kids have families of their own and don’t live with him anymore, he doesn’t need a car that’ll fit the entire brood. He can just take his two-seater out on joyrides by himself or with his wife to meet up with the kids for lunch at their homes, or at a destination restaurant outside the city.

Dads are great guys who should always be celebrated. Just remember, dads: it’s not how long the road is, but where it takes you and your kids that truly matters.

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