Fathers and their favorite cars

I  developed a love for cars because of my father. He is also a lawyer, but was a car enthusiast when I was a child. I didn’t have a brother then so, and he would talk to me about cars. I often read the car magazines I would find in my parents’ bedroom. When he gave me my first car when I was in high school, we bonded over modifying my car with new mags, tires, steering wheel, muffler, and other accessories. Speaking from experience, dads are influential figures that make us develop an appreciation for cars.

In the spirit of Father’s Day, we hear from fathers and their cars. These high-achieving and public personalities have one thing in common—they are all fathers. But as diverse as their professions and personalities are, as is their taste in cars. Here are their answers when asked what their favorite or ideal car is, and why.


Television/radio newscaster and journalist

“BMW Z4. Simply, she is beautiful and sexy. On the road, my ‘baby’ is a head turner. Lalo na when the roof is off. Safety? No problem. She will take care of me.”


Senator and multiple-time world boxing champion

“The Ferrari F430 is my favorite car.”



“Today’s dream car: Audi RS Q8 in Naldo Grey. I love to hear and feel the sound of the 760hp engine.”


Former Supreme Court Justice

“I now use a 2009 Toyota Camry, which is very reliable, easy to maintain, and dependable. My dream cars however are: (a) for formal use, a Lexus LM, and for (b) weekends, a Porsche 911, which I hope to drive with one of my UP Law Class 74 classmates. Of course, the latter only in the realm of dreams.”


Actor, host, and US Air Force veteran

“My trusty 2012 Platinum Toyota Sequoia. Showered with tender loving care, it has been my workhorse ever since. Low maintenance and easily available parts, plus a great ride have made him and I inseparable.”



“My favorite car is the Chevrolet Suburban. It’s big and spacious. I think it’s actually the biggest among the SUVs. It’s perfect for my three grandkids!”


President and CEO, Aficionado Perfume and Personal Care

“When I was younger, I fancied fast and luxurious cars like the top-down Mercedes-Benz SL. When I started working, I had a Cadillac Escalade, which is very corporate. Now that I have a family, my favorite vehicle is my Ford F-450 Limobus, customized and flown in from Los Angeles, to fit for my whole family of eight kids and entourage. It’s a space for us to bond and be safe while traveling.”


Former pro basketball player, coach, actor, and former Senator

“During my high school days, there were only two cars that attracted me: Ford Thunderbird ‘56 or ‘57. Next, Corvette Stingray ‘55.  Then in my 50s, Porsche 911s. Now that I passed the thirst for sports cars, the BMW 5 Series is a very comfortable and durable car for Philippine use.”


VP of Boysen Paints

“My personal favorite is the Porsche 911 GT models. Always fun and fast to drive, highly reliable. Speed and smiles delivered in subtle elegance!”


Philippine Ambassador to the United States

“My favorite vehicle is the Toyota Alphard. It’s comfortable and has a lot of room.”


Chief Presidential Legal Counsel

“I like my two door sports Mercedes-Benz, it has a comfortable, smooth drive plus the quality lasts. Its elegance is pronounced. Engine is superb so are its shock absorbers.”


Actor singer, and model

“The Ferrari 488 Gran Turismo Berlinetta. I love this car for its remarkable history-changing features. It’s the first mid-engine Ferrari to utilize a V8 that is twin-turbocharged since the iconic F40. It can take off from a standstill to 100kph in just three seconds, giving a top speed of 330 km/h, once your toe hits the firewall. It reminds me of modern classic Philippines. What an epic!”


Former Congressman & House of Representatives Majority Floor Leader

“You have given me a very tough question, like asking me who my favorite is among my eight kids and why. I’d say all of my cars are my favorites for their individual characters. But my favorite family car is my Volvo B7R private bus with automatic transmission. Its body was made by AutoDelta (distributor of the Volvo chassis and engine) and I had the interior customized. The seats include an Osim massage chair. The bus has a toilet, WiFi, and all seats have their own iPads/USB plugs and there are twin 46-inch TVs/monitors up front. It also has a large table with a long sofa that can turn into a bed.”


President of Rustan Commercial Corporation & CEO of Royal Duty Free Shops, Inc.

“My favorite car is a Toyota Alphard. At a functional level, it’s very reliable, everything works consistently as it should, and it does not need a lot of attention, care and maintenance. The level of luxury is just right. It’s almost as I am the only who knows the luxurious experience of riding this car. Externally, the energy and image it exudes is crisp and lowkey. At an emotional level, it’s like a safe, super comfortable, and a sacred personal space that I travel in. It’s almost like a moving sanctuary. It’s not only a great space to work on the road, but also be still with myself and my thoughts. When someone rides with me, we also have good conversations.”

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