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In our column the other week I gave way to the reaction from the BF Homes Federation of Homeowners Association, Inc. (BFFHAI) to a previous article also in this column (Parañaque City is not motorists-friendly, nor business-friendly?), which echoed the plight of many business enterprise owners and homeowner-motorists of BF Homes Parańaque.  This was all in the spirit of balance reporting and fair journalism, ideals that this newspaper is most known for. 

The issue centered on the decision of BFFHAI to demand motorists (regardless of being homeowners) to buy stickers to be allowed to ingress through the Aguirre, El Grande and Elizalde gates to gain entrance into BF Homes and the continued impeded passage through the Aguirre and El Grande Avenues as well as Elizalde Street. 

In their written reaction that was emailed to this writer, the contention of BFFHAI is that these roads have not been turned over to the Parañaque City government and are therefore still under their control as the duly designated homeowners’ association of the subdivision composed of several enclaves or self-fenced in and self-gated groups of houses.

A longtime subdivision homeowner (he refused to be named for security reasons) and one of the owners of the numerous business enterprises inside BF Homes that conveniently supply the goods and services requirements of more than a hundred thousand residents of BF Homes and its neighboring communities retorted sharply to the reaction (which we are likewise giving some space in this column) by questioning the legal and morale existence of BFFHAI by saying, “We, the homeowners were not even consulted as to who should stand to represent our common interest. When the old association, which also had quite a share of unpopular decisions, folded up there was no form of referendum among homeowners as to who should replace them. We just found out that BFFHAI took over.”

But it appears that we don’t need to address that issue raised regarding the legitimacy of the existence of BFFHAI, in relation to their questioned regulation of motorists’ access to BF Homes through Aguirre and El Grande Avenues including Elizalde Street by requiring homeowners to buy stickers, if nobody would question the existence of previously approved ordinances and resolutions of the City of Parañaque.

According to this BF Homes long timer there is in existence this Resolution No. 99-55 approved in June 1, 1999 fully supporting the Honorable Mayor Joey P. Marquez, the then City Mayor of Parañaque to open Aguirre and El Grande Avenues at BF Homes to the public. Part of the Resolution, of which a photocopy was sent to us, states:

“Whereas, the City Charter of Parañaque (RA 8507) states that for the efficient and economical governance, the City Mayor among others shall ensure the delivery of basic services and the provision of adequate facilities as provided under Section 17 of the Local Government Code.

Whereas, the metro Manila Council has passed MMDA Regulation No. 96-001 which directs, among others as follows:

1. All subdivision roads in Metro Manila shall at all times be open for public use, and,

2. Subdivision Associations or developers are prohibited from exacting fees, demanding car passes and the likes from vehicle owners passing through such roads.

Now Therefore

Be it resolved, as it is hereby resolved by the Sangguniang Panglunsod of this city in session assembled that this resolution fully supporting the Honorable City Mayor of Parañaque, Joey P. Marquez to open Aguirre and El Grande Avenues at BF Homes, Parañaque to the public, be approved, as it is hereby approved”.

The longtime BF Homes homeowner added that aside from this resolution that was passed and approved during the time of former Parañaque City Mayor Joey Marquez there were also other approved resolutions opening Aguirre and El Grande Avenues to the public to include Elizalde Street during the time of former Parañaque City Mayor Florencio M. Bernabe, Jr., to wit; 

Resolution No. 05-069 is “A resolution authorizing the Hon. Mayor Florencio M. Bernabe, Jr. to open the gate at Elizalde Street in BF Homes Parañaque City pursuant to existing laws and ordinances.”

While Ordinance No. 05-04 (56) is “An ordinance enacting the Parañaque City Traffic Code subject to existing laws and applicable rules and regulations”.

Part of the Traffic Code on Section 122 states, “(a) It shall be unlawful for any person, natural or juridical, to close, obstruct, prevent, or otherwise refuse to the public or vehicular traffic the use of or free access to any subdivision or community street owned by the government and within the jurisdiction of the City of Parañaque or to exact fees in any form or the use thereof, unless with prior authorization of the Sangguniang Panglungsod..

(b) Subdivision roads and /or private roads not turned over to the City may be opened to the public if the road will strengthen the road network and provide traffic relief to nearby roads that are congested as may be determined by the Traffic and Parking Management Office”.

Presented with these existing approved ordinances and resolutions, many bona fide BF Homes residents are now asking, “On what legal authority or legal obligation are they being forced to buy stickers in order to use roads that are even supposedly open for public use?”

To all concerned in this issue is this writer’s plea–Don’t shoot the messenger.

Honda breaks sales records in 2016

I can imagine Honda Cars Philippines (HCPI) president and general manager, Toshio Kuwahara with a wide smile while shifting through 2016 sales reports. 

We have learned that HCPI came up with a record breaking performance in 2016 with a total 23,199 vehicle sales or 20 percent growth, compared to the same period in 2015. The December 2016 sales also set a highest monthly record of 2,805 units. The reported sales increase is attributed to the brand’s main contributors, particularly the introduction of the All-New BR-V, the All-New Civic and the New City.

“On behalf of Honda Cars Philippines, we would like to extend our sincerest appreciation to our customers for continuously making the brand their perfect choice. We are pleased by the unwavering support as seen in the 2016 sales milestone. This would not be possible without them,” said Kuwahara san.

This calls for a toast with the rare Yamazaki single malt. 

Websites for motoring and car enthusiasts

If you are a car buff or a motoring enthusiast, check out the following websites: and for anything and everything about motoring and the automobile and its industry.

They contain the following; car reviews, head-to-head or feature-to-feature comparison of car models of the same category available in the country, the latest news about the auto industry, about the country’s transportation and traffic management and international and local motor sports, special features on the latest car models from around the world, local car launches and test drives, etc. 

Happy Motoring!!!

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