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Motorcycle safety amid the COVID-19 pandemic

Most parts of the country eased into lesser quarantine measures but public transportation has yet to recover. The Department of Transportation (DoTR) allowed public transportation in Metro Manila to resume gradually but divided it in two phases.

Phase 1 covered June 1 to 21, allowing augmented trains and buses, taxis, transport network vehicles (TNVs), shuttle services, point-to-point buses, bicycles, and tricycles to operate but with limited passenger capacity. Phase 2 will run from June 22 to 30 and covers public utility buses, modern public utility vehicles (PUVs) and UV Express, also with limited passenger capacity.

Given the current state of public transport, motorcycles have emerged as a convenient and safe mode of solo transportation that helped riders get to destinations faster and safer. Honda Philippines, Inc., the leading motorcycle manufacturer in the country, reminds solo riders of the importance of observing proper road etiquette. Road safety experts from Honda Safety Driving Center lists down the following reminders to stay safe on the road:

Check your motorcycle

The quarantine may have left dust to collect on your motorcycle in the past months. Before hitting the road, do a thorough motorcycle check. Remember the acronym: G.O.T. T.O. B.E. S.A.F.E.

  • General Appearance – Make sure the bike looks good and is in a rideable condition.
  • Oil – Ensure that engine oil is between the maximum and minimum levels, use the engine dipstick.
  • Tires – Check for any cracks, bulges, or signs of wear in the treads. Low tire pressure or any defects could cause a blowout.
  • Tension of chain – Check the chain if well lubricated. Chain tension must be based on motorcycle model.
  • Operation of Controls – Check throttle play, and must maintain snapback operations. Check clutch lever for free play.
  • Brakes. – Check operation and cable conditions. Test both front and rear brakes.
  • Engine – Make a visual check on engine, watch out for any leakages or loose fittings.
  • Side Mirror – Make sure that side mirror is free from scratches, clean and clear.
  • Alignment of steering – Check smoothness of play, handlebar must be securely bolted.
  • Fuel – Make sure gasoline cap is securely closed and not leaking.
  • Electrical / Lights – Ensure all electrical-based switches, devices, horn and lights, are properly functioning.

Wear proper protective gear

All riders must wear a helmet and a mask when riding a motorcycle. To ensure safety, consider wearing the complete safety gear: gloves, leather jacket with an elbow and back support, and knee pads.

Follow traffic rules and guidelines

Riders are must obey traffic rules and be aware of any additional guidelines set by authorities. Always bring necessary documents like driver’s license, working certificates, and valid IDs since authorities at checkpoints may ask for these. For newbies, check both sides before changing lanes, use turn signals, only use the horn to communicate with other riders. Stay alert at all times.

While all motorists have equal rights on the road, it helps to have a safety-oriented mindset, proper education on road discipline, and courtesy while driving.

Argie Aguja

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