Maxus teases with PH sightings

Another brand is set to enter the Philippine auto market next week (June 6, to be exact, following a media launch the day before) — promising to make the already crowded multi-purpose vehicle (MPV) segment a lot more interesting.

Touting European origins, Maxus will be initially releasing its G10 MPV here, according to photos leaked to the media by the official distributor and service provider of the brand: the AC Automotive Group under AC Industrials of the Ayala conglomerate.

Maxus has been owned and controlled by Shanghai, China-based SAIC Motors since it acquired the brand from the British commercial vehicle manufacturer LDV Group in 2010. SAIC is the largest auto group in the country, which presently counts a total of 15 auto brands under its wing. According to a company presentation, SAIC raked in a consolidated sales revenue of US$128.819 billion in 2017. Last year, SAIC was ranked 36th in the Global 500 — its highest-ever appearance on the list.

What we know about the G10

According to a brochure of the G10 that got a hold of in Shanghai last April, the MPV is powered by any of three engine types: a 2.0-liter turbo gas, a 2.4-liter NA gas, and a 1.9-liter turbodiesel.

The newly developed diesel engine delivers 150hp and 350Nm, and promises fuel economy of 12.8 kilometers per liter; the 2.0-liter turbocharged gas serves up 225hp and 345Nm, and a consumption rate of 10.7 km/l; while the naturally aspirated 2.4-liter gas engine gives an output of 141hp and 210Nm while mustering a thirst rate of 9.8 km/l.

Maxus boasts that the 2.0-liter power plant is comparable in output to a naturally breathing 3.0-liter engine and yet offers 30 percent less fuel consumption. Top speed is 190kph and standstill-to-100kph time is 10.2 seconds.

The G10 is 5.168 meters long, 1.98 meters wide, and 1.928 meters tall.

Five trims are available (though we don’t know yet which ones will make it here, of course): Standard, Comfort, Elite, Luxury, and Flagship. It can seat from seven to 11 passengers.

Some of the niceties we might see:

• “Car-link human-computer smart interaction system” allows the user to mirror his smartphone screen on the G10’s infotainment system;

• Smart anti-squeeze automatic sliding door system on both sides;

• Panoramic video coverage to eliminate blind spots;

• Comprehensive parking assistance system;

• Latest generation Bosch ESP9.1 electronic stabilization system.

The colors are interesting in name as well: Jewelry Blue, Blanc White, Aurora Silver, Lava Grey, Amber Gold, and Obsidian Black.

Maxus is already known in the territories it is in for commercial vehicles such as cargo haulers and people movers, so there is obviously high expectations for the G10.

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