MMDA finds rock-wielding vagrant in Taft

The Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) found the vagrant who pounded a lady driver’s vehicle with a rock on EDSA.

MMDA traffic czar Bong Nebrija posted a photo on Facebook showing the vagrant sleeping on the pavement.

Nebrija said that the vagrant was last seen in front of a convenience store at the MRT Taft Station this morning.

“Somebody tagged me in the photo on the right; it’s a close match (face, shirt, and ballers bands) spotted at MRT Taft Station in front of 7-11 this morning,” Nebrija said.

The vagrant recently appeared in a now-viral video after blocking a lady driver’s vehicle in the middle of a slow-moving traffic on EDSA. The still unidentified man threatened to throw a rock at the the woman’s vehicle if she didn’t give him money.

However, when the lady was about to hand him some coins, the vagrant refused and demanded for P100. When the woman said she didn’t have enough cash with her, the beggar got violent and started to pound the woman’s car with a stone.

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