WATCH: Jeepney intentionally cuts off cyclist

Keep your cool, and share the road – always.

In another case of road rage, a man on a mountain bike was intentionally cut off several times by a jeepney driver following an altercation last Friday.

In a public post on Facebook, Raymond Amonoy shared that he was on his way home from Antipolo when a passenger jeepney filled with passengers suddenly cut him off while riding his bicycle on the side of the road.

In the video he uploaded, an argument ensued when Amonoy confronted the driver after he was nearly sideswiped. “Parang wala kang nakikitanag nagba-bike (Didn’t you see anyone cycling in front of you)?” Amonoy said.

“Binusinahan kita (I blew my horn),” the driver retorted.

After a brief heated exchange, Amonoy decided to cycle away, but a few moments later, the driver cut him off again. This time, the still unidentified jeepney driver in the video reverses the jeep into the cyclist. A jeepney passenger is heard pleading with the jeepney driver to just drive away.

“Nandito ka samin. Nand’yan lang bahay ko baka akala mo (You’re here in my territory. My house is just here, just so you know),” the driver told Amonoy.

But when Amonoy distance himself from the vehicle, the driver attempted to sideswipe the biker again and eventually escaped.

“(H)inayaan ko na lang na umalis ang jeep..pero sa halip ay inatrasan pa at pininahan pa nya ako buti di ako nasagi (I just waited for him to go away. But instead, he put his vehicle on reverse and tried to hit me from the side).” Amonoy said on his post.

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