LOOK: ‘Anti-rider’ tow hook wounds pedestrian

Is this car owner deliberately looking to hurt people?

A pedestrian has called out a motorist after the car’s tow hook wounded his leg while walking in Daang Amaya, Tanza, Cavite on Monday.

In a Facebook post, Arvin Jay dela Rosa Celindro criticized the owner of the Toyota Vios (ZLV 281) after the protruding disk-shaped tow hook attached to the car’s front bumper cut into his legs while he was passing in front of the vehicle.

In the photos he shared on Facebook, the tow hook that resembles a bicycle’s chain ring appears to pose immediate danger to anyone who would unwittingly walk in front of the car or in the case of motorcycle riders, get near it.

“I don’t understand the reason behind the design. It is as if the driver gets a kick out of deliberately hurting people,” he said.

Celindro also said that the tow hook might have hurt other people prior to his bloody encounter since the edges of the tow hook, he claimed, appeared to have skin on it.

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