Nissan to make face shields for healthcare workers in Japan

As the fight against the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic continues, Nissan announced that it will begin creating protective face shields for healthcare frontliners in Japan.

In a release, Nissan said that the current plan is to create 2,500 face shields a month, which is slated to begin this April at the Nissan Technical Center, the Nissan Research Center, and the company’s Yokohama Plant. 

Meanwhile, Nissan is also studying ways to support companies that manufacture ventilators and artificial heart-ling machines in response to a request from the Japanese government. 

The company said that it plans to help these producers by proposing improvements to manufacturing procedures, providing working space or manpower to help companies step up production, and supplying parts that are in shortage. 

According to Nissan, it already started similar initiatives in other regions such as in the United States. The company said that they’re making protective face shields for healthcare workers in Michigan, Mississippi and Tennessee. 

Meanwhile, the company said that a team of volunteers from the Nissan Sunderland Plant have been supporting the delivery of protective face shields in the United Kingdom. It said that more than 77,000 shields will leave the plant by the end of this week while up to 100,000 shields will be distributed weekly starting next week.

In Spain, Nissan has begun the production of medical respirators in collaboration with Hospital de Sant Pau, the engineering company QEV Technologies and the Eurecat technology center. It said that manufacturing of the respirators will begin this week at Nissan’s Powertrain Plant in Barcelona.

The company said that it will continue efforts to support measures against the spread of COVID- 19 by leveraging expertise gained through vehicle engineering and production, using existing assets, and cooperating with governments and related parties in each country. 

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