Viral video spots speeding rider on Cavitex

A viral video of a sub-400cc motorcycle (small bike) speeding dangerously along Cavite Expressway (CAVITEx) is making waves on social media for all the wrong reasons.

In a two-minute video posted on Facebook by netizen Jefferson Conejos, two men aboard a sub-400cc motorcycle can be seen speeding along CAVITEx. Both men did not have any safety gear, they don’t even have helmets. In the video, the motorcycle was running at around 80kph. At times, the motorcycle overtook and switched lanes a few times.

As of writing, the video garnered more than 11,000 reactions, 215 comments, and one million views.

Dubbed by netizens as a ‘kamote rider,’ the erring motorist broke the small-bike ban on expressways and disregarded even the most basic rules on motorcycle safety. 

“Giliran na lang natin para walang overtake, delikado sa hangin yan. Ewan ko kung anong motor yan pero grabe. Dito na lang tayo para ano, hahanginin kasi yan pag sa iba e.” the uploader was heard in the background. He was trying to catch up with the motorcycle to somehow shield the rider from the strong winds.

Halfway through the video, a marked vehicle from MIB Security with sirens was seen catching up to the motorcycle. The rider refused to slow down at first, trying to outrun the security vehicle. The motorcycle eventually stopped and was scolded by the driver of the security vehicle towards the end of the video.

According to the website of the Toll Regulatory Board (TRB), the speed limit for CAVITEx is at 60 kph minimum and 80 kph maximum for buses and trucks, 100 kph for cars.

Meanwhile, Republic Act. No. 2000, or the Limited Access Facility Act, prohibits motorcycles below 400cc of engine displacement from entering all tollways in the country. The law was passed as a safety precaution to stem the rising number of accidents involving two-wheelers.

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