Motorists save P4.6 billion a year using LTMS – Dermalog

The motoring public can save a total of up to P4.6 billion in fees and expenses when they use the Land Transportation Office (LTO)’s Land Transportation Management System or LTMS, according to a study conducted by Dermalog, the IT designer of the transport agencies new interactive customer website.

Dermalog, a multi-billion dollar information technology company from Germany, is responsible for developing the online application LTMS which LTO now uses to conduct business with drivers, motor vehicle owners and student driver applicants.

The LTMS is the online portal of LTO that allows motorists to apply for a driver’s license, schedule their renewals, register motor vehicles, undergo motor vehicle inspection, and connect to driving schools among others.

The new system, which has been rolled early this year, also allows doctors and driving schools to be accredited into the system so that the necessary medical check-ups and certificates required to get a driver’s license can be submitted by the physician and driving schools directly online. There is no upload fee being charged for this service anymore. This reduces the cost and hassle of looking for an LTO accredited doctor when getting a license.

“The LTMS allows customers of LTO to schedule their visit to the office while giving them the convenience of filling up the needed forms at the comfort of their home or offices. This saves the motoring public time and effort when transacting with the LTO,” says Til Dunkel, project director of Dermalog in the Philippines.

The LTMS also allows drivers to settle their obligations online using the LTMS, like traffic fines and application fees. This removes the human factor in cash transaction limiting, if not totally eliminating, corrupt practices the LTO used to be known for.

Other services of the LTMS that are in the pipeline are the Motor Vehicle Inspection system, where all centers are connected to the LTMS in real time, so the car owner will know if his vehicle passes the safety test or not without having to go back and forth to a LTO site. In case the inspection report is uploaded directly to the new LTMS there are no additional charges.

The LTO has also begun a pilot run of the car dealer/showroom online registration of newly purchased cars so that the dealer can register a car being bought by a customer at the very day he is buying the car. This means a new car can be bought and driven home on the same day by a car buyer complete with license plate and LTO registration.

The LTMS system removes unnecessary trips and transaction when dealing with LTO lessening the cost of an individual to transact with the transport agency. It also does away with the data transmission charge and computer charge the old LTO provider collects from their clients. The LTMS portal can be found at

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