From video game to reality: Pokémon builds a real life million-dollar bike

To celebrate the Poke Times Twitter account reaching 1 million followers, The Pokémon Company has created the beloved bicycle from its early video games as part of a giveaway.

For the uninitiated, the bike from Pokémon Red and Blue was sold in the Mirage Cycle Store in Cerulean City. This made getting around in-game faster but there was a catch. The bike cost 1 million dollars, which the player can’t actually earn. Later in the game, the player can earn a Bike Voucher after speaking to the Pokémon Fan Club Chairman to trade for the bike.

Unfortunately, the contest is only open for people in Japan and you can’t actually ride around on the bike. It’s just a full-scale model and there’s no chain and gear setup like with real bikes. There are, however, a lot of Pokémon easter eggs for fans like tire treads with several Pokéballs and Pokémon designs along the inside of the wheels.

Check out the photos below:

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