Ford PH confirms arrival of new Ranger and Everest this year

Ford Philippines had an impressive sales performance in 2021, bagging the third overall spot in the local automotive market. This was led by the Ford Ranger, followed by the hot-selling Territory. 

However, it seems like the Blue Oval is trimming down its lineup, removing its slow-selling products: the Expedition, Transit, and the EcoSport.

We’re no strangers to the Expedition as it was one of the more prominent Ford models in the early 2000s. 

The EcoSport, on the other hand, needs no introduction; it’s one of the pioneers of the small crossover segment, giving birth to the budding market currently dominated by Chinese-made models. 

The Transit was the latest to be introduced in the range. It’s a great alternative for those looking for a people-hauler that isn’t cramped in space.

Ford Philippines said that it will continue to provide after-sales support to the current owners of these three models. The company has released a statement regarding the discontinuation of these three cars:

“Ford Philippines has discontinued selling the current models of the Ford EcoSport, Ford Expedition, and Ford Transit. Ford dealers nationwide will continue to provide after-sales support to customers and honor the warranties of these vehicles.”

Our vehicle lineup in the Philippines remains robust with the launch of the next-generation Ford Ranger and next-generation Ford Everest this year. At Ford, we always look for opportunities to bring the right vehicles at the right time.”

In case you missed it, Ford PH has confirmed that the next-generation Ranger and Everest are coming this year. Both models were both introduced globally late last year and early this year. Thailand, where we source our Ford pickups and SUVs, has also started selling these two models. Ford PH, however, hasn’t confirmed the year it’s bringing in the two until today. We have our guesses but at least now, it’s formally announced.

That said, the Ford PH lineup will soldier on with six models this year, namely: the Ranger midsize pickup, Everest midsize SUV, Territory compact crossover, Explorer midsize crossover, Mustang sports coupe, and F-150 full-size truck.

We’ll know more about the upcoming next-generation Ranger and Everest (and possibly Ranger Raptor) in the next few months or so. At least now, those who are looking forward to these vehicles don’t have to suffer a long wait.

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