Suzuki Jimny now has five doors – and it’s coming to the Philippines

The Suzuki Jimny, or the Samurai in other markets, comes in a number of forms. It has pickup and commercial vehicle versions, while in some parts of the world, it even comes as a coffee stall. But one thing has been constant with the Jimny since it came out in the ‘70s – it only has up to three doors.

But that changes this year as Maruti Suzuki, the automaker’s division in India, introduced a five-door version of the well-loved off-roader for the said market. Years of rumors and spy shots lead to this reveal but now, a five-door Suzuki Jimny has finally happened.

The Suzuki Jimny as we know it measures 3,645mm long. However, the new five-door version stretches this to 3,985mm, including the substantially stretched 2,590mm wheelbase. This makes the new Jimny in India 340mm longer than the common three-door, which should be beneficial for cabin space. Of note, width and height are both retained in the five-door model, as are the design ethos that we all love.

The new Suzuki Jimny five-door, despite retaining its boxy styling, comes with a black roof that provides a stark contrast to the Kinetic Yellow hero color. Flared wheel arches, round headlights, slatted front grille, exposed rear hinges, and off-road tires are some of the familiar traits inherited from the 3-Door model. It sits on 15-inch wheels with 195/80 rubber and has a rear-mounted spare wheel with a black cover.

The difference with the design lies in the additional window to accommodate the longer body. There are now three rectangular windows on each side, with the glass near the C-pillar visibly smaller than the other two.

The interior has been largely carried over from the standard Jimny, right down to the grab handle on the passenger side of the dashboard and the faux exposed bolts. The Indian-spec model gets a rear bench that can accommodate up to three passengers. However, given that the width was left untouched, we’ll wager only two people can fit in the back comfortably – but at least they have better legroom than when in the typical three-door model.

Also bigger in the long Jimny is its default cargo capacity that’s now 208L (versus 85L). This can be expanded to 332L after folding the bench, which is a bit lower than the 377L maximum cargo space of the three-door model.

The five-door Suzuki Jimny sold in India comes with a mild-hybrid 1.5-liter gasoline engine that makes up to 105hp at 6,000 rpm and 134Nm at 4,400 rpm delivered, sent to a four-wheel-drive system. The nameplate’s off-roading chops are retained, thanks to the 36-degree approach angle, 24-degree breakover angle, 50-degree departure angle, and 210mm ground clearance.

Will the Suzuki Jimny five-door ever reach the Philippines? We have the answer to that. At the launch of the Ertiga Hybrid this week, we asked a Suzuki Philippines top-level executive if the company has any plan to bring in the new model here. The answer was a resounding yes, and that SPH is currently studying this. The only catch is that it won’t be soon, so those hoping to take home the five-door model should exercise a bit of patience.

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