Isuzu PH turns the page with new President Tetsuya Fujita

There’s a passing of the torch over at Isuzu Philippines (IPC) as they held a Presidency Turnover last Wednesday. Noboru Murakami stepped down from his position and will move on to Isuzu North America as Tetsuya Fujita takes the reign of the leading truck brand in the country.

Fujita has been with Isuzu since 1991. He has been the Corporate Planning Manager in Isuzu Commercial Truck of America in the US; General Manager for Sales in Isuzu Motors Thailand, and most recently the Chairman and CEO of Isuzu Motors de Mexico. With his extensive experience in operations and international sales, Fujita is looking to accept the challenge of maintaining Isuzu Philippines’ longstanding supremacy in the market.

“As the leading truck brand in the industry, we will continue innovating new products that will assist in the progress of the country while displaying more responsibility to the society and the environment through our Road to Progress vision,” Fujita said.

Road to Progress is the company’s direction to be more sustainable and have more impact in the society it moves in. It was started during Noboru Murakami’s term last year as the company celebrated their 25th year in the Philippines.

In the short time that Murakami led Isuzu Philippines, he was able to maintain the brand’s position in the truck segment, finishing 2022 with more than 46% market share in the country. This makes IPC the leading brand in trucks for the 23rd consecutive year here in the Philippines.

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