Suzuki Jimny 3-Door vs 5-Door: What’s the difference?

Suzuki Auto Philippines launched the much-awaited Jimny 5-door—the first-ever body style for their compact off-roader in its more than 50-year history. Building on the legacy and success of the Jimny nameplate across four generations, this new variant brings added practicality that will no doubt widen its market appeal even further.

With Suzuki keeping the original Jimny 3-door in its line-up, just how different is the Jimny 5-door? It’s time to break down the specs line by line.

Prices and colors

The Suzuki Jimny 3-door is priced at P1,258,000 for the GL MT and P1,320,000 for the Jimny GLX AT (plus P10,000 for the two-tone scheme). Meanwhile, the Jimny 3-door is priced at P1,558,000 for the GL MT and P1,698,000 for the GLX AT (plus P10,000 for the two-tone scheme).

Some colors are shared across both the Jimny 3-door and Jimny 5-door, namely, Jungle Green and Chiffon Ivory/Bluish Black Pearl. However, the other shades are exclusive to each body style with the Jimny 3-door being offered in Superior White, Silky Silver Metallic, Medium Gray Solid, and Kinetic Yellow Pearl/ Bluish Black Pearl. On the other hand, the Jimny 5-door comes in Celestial Blue Pearl Metallic, Artic White Pearl, Granite Gray Metallic, and Sizzling Red/Bluish Black Pearl.

Tale of the tape

Riding on the very same body-on-frame platform, Suzuki engineers modified the ladder frame chassis resulting in the Jimny 5-door’s length growing to 3,820 mm and its wheelbase to 2,590 mm—an increase of 340 mm in both metrics. This should make its ride more comfortable and handling more stable, especially at high speeds. The width, at 1,645 mm, is the same as before and equates to the same level of maneuverability and nimbleness. Although, take note that the Jimny 5-door has a wider turning radius—5.7 m, versus the 3-door’s 4.9 m.

When it comes to off-road metrics, both the Jimny 3-door and 5-door have the same amount of ground clearance: 210 mm. However, the lengthened chassis did influence its Approach, Breakover, and Departure Angles. The Jimny 3-door remains the choice for hardcore trails with its 37-, 28-, and 49-degree figures versus the Jimny 5-door’s 36-, 24-, and 47-degree figures.

On the flipside, the Jimny 5-door gains a whole lot of interior space for the rear occupants and luggage. With the additional length being tacked on from the B-pillar backward, it can swallow 211 liters of cargo with the rear seats up and 332 liters with the rear seats down. At its maximum, it’s 1,113 liters. This is compared to the Jimny 3-door’s 85 liters of luggage with the rear seats up and 377 liters with the rear seats down. Even when fully packed, it fits just 830 liters. Interestingly, despite the additional rear seat room, the Jimny 5-door remains a four-seater with just two seatbelts fitted in the back.

What’s underneath

Both the Jimny 3-door and Jimny 5-door are powered by the same engine: Suzuki’s tried-and-tested K15B 4-cylinder engine. This 1.5-liter engine delivers 102hp and 130Nm. Both body styles are offered in both 5-speed manual (GL variant) and 4-speed automatic (GLX variant) flavors. In the case of the Jimny 5-door, however, the curb weight has gone up around 100 kilograms—1,190 kg versus 1,090 kg in case of the manual and 1,205 kg versus 1,110 kg in the case of the automatic.

With no modifications to the powertrain, the added weight results in slower 0-100 km/h times. Though nothing official has been given, the Jimny 3-door is said to accomplish this feat in about 11.5 seconds with the manual gearbox. This goes up to around 14.5 seconds in the Jimny 5-door using the same transmission option.

Sure, the Suzuki Jimny isn’t blistering quick on the tarmac, but it remains a true go-anywhere off-roader. It boasts of a 3-link, rigid axle suspension setup on both ends allowing for additional articulation, perfect for tackling trails and deep ruts. Furthermore, the AllGrip Pro four-wheel drive system with its two-speed transfer case maximizes available torque and grip.

Putting comfort first 

Available in both GL and GLX, the Jimny 5-door mirrors the Jimny 3-door when it comes to its major equipment.

Outside, the Jimny 5-door still conveys the practical, functional design elements found in the Jimny 3-door. The same sturdy-looking body remains although because of the added length, it’s more rectangular than it is square. The same aesthetic cues remain like the round headlamps and the 15-inch rims with 195/80R15 tires. The Jimny 5-door is differentiated by the chrome accents to its front grille, highlighting the five-slot design.

Inside, most of the attention in the Jimny 5-door is centered on the rear occupants. The rear seats now have thicker cushions for better support and comfort, and there’s a rear lamp fitted out back for improved cabin lighting. The rear doors also happen to accommodate the new rear power window switches. While at the front, a new console box by the hand brake lever contains the same bank of controls.

Elsewhere, the Jimny 5-door has white-colored multi-information display cluster versus the Jimny 3-door’s all-red setup. On the top-of-the-line GLX trim, both the Jimny 3- and 5-door have 9-inch infotainment systems with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, but on the Jimny 5-door, it also incorporates other vehicle functions too such as a fuel economy history.

Safety has also been upgraded in the Jimny 5-door with the GLX variant now receiving 6 airbags on top of ABS with EBD, stability control, hill descent control, and a reverse parking camera with rear sensors—features already found in the Jimny 3-door GLX variant as well.

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