Clark-bound with the Jetour T2

Last year, we took the head-turning Jetour Dashing on a fun drive from Metro Manila to Clark to witness the contract signing between Jetour Auto Philippines and Midori Clark Hotel & Casino. This year, it was a repeat of that drive (which was for the renewal of the partnership between the SUV brand and the hotel); but this time, it was behind the wheel of the tech-laden and uniquely designed 4-wheel-drive SUV, the P2,498,000 T2.

etour T2 units prepare to take off from the Jetour dealership in Eton Centris 

In just a little over a year in operation, Jetour has become a notable player on the local market—introducing 7 models, establishing  22 dealerships, and selling 1,581 units to date. Its lineup includes SUVs, crossovers, and EVs include the X70 Journey, X70 Travel, X70 Sport and X70 Plus, Dashing, Dashing Symphony and Dashing PHEV, T2, and the Ice Cream EV (Electric Vehicle).

While the Dashing lived up to ts name with the number of heads turned in our drive in April last year, the T2 proved just as capable in the looks deperatment. The T2’s ruggedly handsome exterior certainly turned a lot of heads. The assertive exterior is complemented by carefully crafted interiors that feature premium materials and ergonomic leather seats for optimal comfort and luxury. From its distinctive silhouette to attention-grabbing details that exude the feel of a Land Rover or Ford Bronco, the T2 sets new standards in automotive design.

On NLEX, the T2 made short work of overtaking slower-moving traffic, thanks to its powerful 251hp/390Nm 2.0 turbo petrol engine mated to a 7-speed dual-clutch transmission (DCT). Although we didn’t go off-roading, all-terrain capability is enhanced with the T2’s Smart XWD Four-Wheel Drive with 7 drive modes, which brings the T2’s capability higher than the typical front-wheel drive crossover.  

Ride quality is very good, reminding me of the damping of Toyota’s late and lamented FJ Cruiser. The DCT seemed better tuned than previous examples from Chinese brands, exhibiting little lag or gear-hunting. The turbo petrol engine’s generous torque probably also helped in this regard.

Motoring media with Jetour Auto Philippines Marketing Director Cherry May De Los Santos (center)

The T2’s safety features include Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) such as adaptive cruise control, lane-keeping assist, blind-spot monitoring, and automatic emergency braking.

Passenger space inside the well-crafted 5-seater cabin is generous, although cargo space in the rear (with the seats up) is a bit on the small side. Fit and finish is top notch and all materials, from the dashboard and steering wheel to the seats and doors, have a high-quality soft-touch feel. The seating material is plush faux leather. 

The T2’s innovative infotainment system features a large 15.6-inch touchscreen with smartphone integration and wireless charger. There are almost no buttons on the dashboard, save for audio and cruise control buttons on the steering wheel. You need to use the touchscreen to adjust the aircon and side mirrors. Voice-activated controls and active noise reduction add convenience and premium audio quality to the Sony sound system. 

Although I didn’t get to try it, there is also a P2,598,000 T2 Terrain variant that comes with practical extras, like a side-mounted gear carrier for storing outdoor equipment and a deployable side ladder to allow you to load and unload roof cargo.

“As we can glean from the immediate reactions and feedback of our media friends in their social media posts about their ride-and-drive experience, I can say that we’ve made some new fans of the T2. Many of them are seasoned veterans of the motoring media who have driven a lot of SUVs. The fact that they’re impressed about the T2 already says a lot about the build quality, design, engineering, and ride characteristics of our vehicle,” said Miguelito Jose, JAPI Managing Director.

“There are many more exciting vehicles from Jetour in the pipeline for the Philippine market. The T2, as well as the rest of our current vehicle lineup, is paving the way for the Jetour brand to eventually become a household name, and to be a brand best known for enabling Filipinos to drive the future of mobility today,” Jose added.

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