A smart solution to parking problems

As the Christmas rush approaches, parking is also a serious matter to consider, aside from horrendous traffic jams. These are two major issues that motorists encounter everyday in the urban jungle, where one mistake can either cost you a burglarized car or a getting towed in a business district like Makati or Ortigas. 

What happened in Japan, Korea, Singapore, Taiwan is also happening here. Gentrification has caused a lot of areas around the country to build new high-rise beside existing old structures.  

While this has helped bring up real estate prices, it has also limited the options or spaces where people can park as most open spaces have been sold or are being developed.  Before people used to park on the streets without any problems, now the streets are cleared out to accommodate rising traffic.

This is where SMART PARKING comes in. Smart Parking was first developed and used in Japan and eventually spread across to Korea, and its neighboring countries. One can convert an under utilized space of 33 sqm (approximately two parking slots) and increase it vertically to 12 or 16 vehicles. Ingress and egress is not a problem as there is an optional turntable that can go with the unit. At 12.5 sqm per slot, that is an extra 150 sqm to 200 sqm of real estate that you have added into your existing property that can attract tenants and customers to your building.

Smart Parking has sold over 566 units in over 32 countries. It can be installed in five days and is very safe, easy and economical to use. It carries a 10-year warranty on parts and lifetime free service on labor which means maintenance cost is very minimal. And the best part is should you wish to relocate it to another location, it can be easily transferred. 

For details on how to maximize your parking space, call 372-3601 to 05 or email [email protected].

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