Ferrari unleashes the SF90 as a plug-in Spider

There’s no stopping Ferrari from releasing new beasts out of their cages in Italy. After the one-off Omolagata, the Portofino M, and working on a rumored upcoming SUV from the company, they’ve now revealed a new drop-top in their lineup.

The new SF90 Spider builds on the achievements of the SF90 Stradale while enhancing driving pleasure thanks to the retractable hard top. The SF90 Spider has the same styling as the Stradale with the top up, but gives an illusion of a lower center of gravity once it’s down. The RHT can be stowed within 14 seconds while the car is moving. It’s also made more compact and lighter resulting in a 40kg weight savings and only taking up 100 liters of space.

The compact nature of the RHT allowed the design team to make the engine bay at the back visible when the top is both up and down, further enhancing the allure of the supercar. The rear’s exhaust line layout was also improved, resulting in a higher placement for the twin exhausts.

Under the rear glass of the SF90 Spider resides a 4.0L V8 turbo paired to three electric motors. Combined, they generate 986hp and 800Nm of torque. This power unit combination is coupled to the redesigned 8-speed transmission that’s 10kg lighter and 15mm lower than the previous generation. The combination of these units allows you to take the SF90 Spider from 0-100kph in 2.5 seconds or 0-200 km/h in 7 seconds.

The interior was carried over from the SF90 Stradale, sporting the redesign of Ferrari’s “Human Machine Interface” design ethos. It’s highlighted by the all-digital gauge cluster that houses a 16-inch screen that’s customizable. There’s also a heads-up display for the driver, though the speedometer can also be seen on his right side.

The steering wheel allows users to do many tasks without taking their hands off of it. It has the iconic Manettino, headlight, turn indicators, and wipers. It also has touchpads on the left and right of the steering wheels that lets you control the gauge cluster, voice commands, and cruise control.

If you’re eyeing for more playtime on tracks with the SF90 Spider, there’s an Assetto Fiorano package available to improve the car’s dynamics. It includes Multimatic shock absorbers, carbon fiber and titanium materials that removed 21kg from the car, a homologated Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 tires and the optional two-tone livery.

The SF90 Spider is covered by Ferrari’s 7-year maintenance program that covers all regular maintenance for the supercar.

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