Michelin launches Agilis 3

French tire manufacturer Michelin has rolled out the Agilis 3.

The company said that the newly-launched tire aims to capture the larger high-potential, light-load segment with exceptional solutions – in terms of safety, performance, and environment.

“In line with Michelin’s ‘Performance and Safety Made to Last’ brand promise, the new MICHELIN Agilis 3 is outfitted with innovative technologies and sophisticated features for long-lasting performance with optimum safety and environmental friendliness,” said Shane Chadderton, B2B Marketing – Urban Mobility, Michelin East Asia and Oceania. “These attributes not only provide a competitive advantage over current competitors in the same market segment, but also reinforces Michelin’s commitment for a more sustainable mobility. Essentially, this tire is well-positioned to be a sustainable urban growth engine. The latest breakthrough is a further evidence of Michelin Group’s sustainable performance strategy in favor of safer, cleaner, more accessible and more efficient mobility.”

Key technologies incorporated in Agilis 3 include Stone Ejectors, which feature horizontal bars in the tread groove designed to minimize stone trapping. It also has Sidewall Shields that provide extra sidewall shoulder protection of 1.5mm thickness versus the current generation. The new product also comes with Innovative Compound for improved wet grip, fuel saving, and mileage performances.

Aside from that, the Agilis 3 also has U-Shape Grooves that allow a higher water clearance for lasting wet grip performance, Full Depth Sipes that help ensure good flexibility of the tread blocks and Undertread, which keeps the operating temperature cooler, thus reducing fuel costs.

With these features, the company explained that the Agilis 3 delivers shorter wet braking distance, superior mileage performance and 12% superior rolling resistance.

Meanwhile, the company also said that since 97% of Agilis 3 are sourced within the region, it ensures effective on-demand delivery across Asia Pacific countries, as well as minimizes environmental impact and shipment costs.

The new Agilis 3 is now available at Michelin’s authorized commercial light truck tire dealers across the nation. All size ranges (including 4 new sizes), from 13- to 17-inch diameter, cover the entire light 1-to-3-ton load segment of Philippines’ commercial light truck tire market.

You may check the nearest dealer via this link. For further details, visit https://www.michelin.com.ph

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