How the love for Lamborghini and its home country transcended boundaries

Following from Automobili Lamborghini’s initiative ‘With Italy, For Italy. 21 views for a new drive’, highlighting the country’s unique qualities throughout the regions through a large-scale photographic project, Asia-Pacific continued this heartfelt tribute and engaged selected five local talents ranging from artists to photographers, discovering aspects of Italy and capturing the essence of Lamborghini within their own hometown as they persevere and re-emerge into the future.

Lamborghini lovers in Asia-Pacific experienced a fresh love for Lamborghini and its home country as they went on a journey to rediscover the spirit of Italy. Lamborghini Asia-Pacific has created a mini documentary series illustrating the region’s myriad of cultures, beauty, and individualities. The series  also portrays Asia-Pacific as a region of excellence, talent, heritage and innovation – all features deeply embedded in the Lamborghini DNA.

Beginning the journey in Bangkok, Thailand, photographer Jirath Wongpraywit dovetails Lamborghini’s iconic scissor doors on the Aventador with an iconic Italian “winged” angel, illustrating the Renaissance association with Rome, and the association of the Aventador “wings” with angels.

Travel through a passage of time with Lamborghini in India, as the visual artist takes inspiration from the myriad of hues in Puglia, combining his dreamy art style with the Huracán EVO. In South Korea, it intrigues with its unique charm and style. Ojun Ahn and Shinseok Kang found harmony between traditional Korean architecture and the Urus’ design. His film captures imitable lines that are special to both the Urus and Hanok, a traditional Korean house.

Fantasy and reality merge in Akihabara, the soulful birthplace of Japanese pop culture, where the Aventador S Roadster is captured by Takaaki Tsukahara. The virtual journey made a final stop in Melbourne, Australia, where Michael Amarico highlights the futuristic design of the Huracán EVO RWD Spyder; its distinct style and aesthetic that would cut through the air, is depicted through the method of light painting, combined with the traditional colours of the Italian flag.

Throughout December, the projects were given ample visibility through official social media platforms within Lamborghini’s Asia-Pacific network,with the featured cars drawn from the current Lamborghini range: from the ultra-high-performance Aventador S Roadster, the Urus Super SUV, and the agile Huracán in EVO and RWD.

Francesco Scardaoni, Region Director of Automobili Lamborghini Asia-Pacific commented, “With Italy, For Italy is a cultural and social project that communicates Lamborghini’s love for its home country, with the aim of shining new light on the extraordinary wealth of treasures it harbours. To bring this emotion closer to you, we transcended boundaries to bring the spirit of Italy to Asia-Pacific through the lens of passionate artists to show how this love translates globally to the countries it has reached.”

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