Explore the great outdoors in a safer and secure way

The popularity of outdoor activities such as off-roading and camping is perhaps the safest way for you to venture out of your comfort zone. Open air is said lessen the risk of transmission of virus as compared to enclosed spaces.  “We have been promoting this Overlanding lifestyle for people to get away from the stressful concrete jungle and have a great time. It’s family time away from gadgets and social media. Plus ensuring social distancing, of course!” says Sam Liuson, of Concept One Wheels. Overlanding is a term that originated from Australia which refers to traveling to remote destinations where the journey itself is part of the experience.

Here are just some of the essential gear and equipment recommended for that next expedition:

1. Shelter

It’s very important to stay safe from the elements. The most basic for shelter would be a tent that would be easy to pitch and made off weather-proof material but also light and compact when stowed.  There are also awnings that attach to the side of the vehicle with UV rated protection. For the extreme, there are roof-mounted tents that are positioned above the vehicle. A combination of these will be good to create camp.

2. Cooking Equipment

Food is the next key to survival.  Having a 12-volt portable fridge will keep meats fresh and also your can of beer chilled.  This would just plug-in to your vehicle’s cigarette lighter. Starting a fire is also easier these days with portable butane-powered burners.  Stainless steel dishes and utensils are more durable and is a good alternative to using disposable materials.

3. Cargo Space

With all the gear you’re taking, you will also need to have them organized and neatly packed.  Roof top cargo baskets and flat racks come in different sizes with the appropriate crossbar roof rail mounts for every type of vehicle. Rear drawers are also installed on pick-up beds or inside SUV’s to organize equipment instead of piling bags on top of another.

4. Recovery Gear

There will always be that memorable incident of getting your vehicle stuck in the mud. Knowing where your vehicle’s recovery points are a must before getting into deep mud or crossing rivers. A recovery kit usually consists of heavy-duty shackles, snatch straps and snatch blocks. A motorized winch would also be very useful when travelling in groups.  Just as essential to having these is also knowing how to use them safely.

5. Proper Wheels & Tires

Just like wearing proper shoes for the right occasion, it’s the same when you are going off-road or expecting bumpy terrain.  A good set of All-Terrain tires will surely make your trip safer.  For those seeking a more adventurous route, lifting your suspension by a few inches and a set of Mud Tires would come in handy. Off-road wheels are also designed to take on more load and have a more durable construction. Remember, it’s better to have it and not need it – than to need it and not have it.

Adventure Kings outdoor lifestyle products are now available at Concept One Wheels – 318 Santolan Road, San Juan.  They also have a wide range of Black Rhino wheels, Nitto tires and Bilstein suspension for off-road and all-terrain purposes. Visit their Facebook page at Concept One Wheels – Philippines or Black Rhino Wheel – Philippines for more info!

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