Home Spotlight This couple creates meaningful business amid pandemic

This couple creates meaningful business amid pandemic

This couple creates meaningful business amid pandemic

The pandemic has seen a rise in self-starter entrepreneurs eager to turn things around. Entrepreneurial couple Jibby and Charisse Tinio took it upon themselves to create a meaningful business perfectly fitting in the time when keeping not only yourselves but your personal effects clean draws the line between staying healthy and getting sick.

Regardless of what disease it may be, prevention will always be better than cure. This holds especially true for COVID-19. While there may be countless disinfectant brands already in the market, there are just some things you want to take particular care of even as you keep them virus-free. Jibby and Charisse saw the gap between disinfecting and taking care of one’s personal belongings and filled it in themselves by creating their own brand of car disinfectant called Speedster.

“My husband and I realized that while it is important to keep your items sanitized, it doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice the interiors of cars or the surfaces of bags or shoes by using chemicals that would eventually damage them over time,” said Charisse. “We looked around and saw that there was an opportunity for us to bridge the gap between sanitation and care.”

Homegrown and thought-out, Speedster has all the things that a disinfectant should have along with a sprinkling of TLC to make sure that car interiors don’t have to suffer to stay clean. Alcohol-free and water-based, it kills 99.9% of disease-causing germs while making sure that it doesn’t cause plastic and leather to fade or corrode.

Since starting a disinfectant for cars, the Tinios have added more distinct products under Speedster to sanitize different items with care namely, shoes, bags, gadgets, and gear.

Specially made for sneaker heads and their beloved collection, Shoo Away is formulated to sanitize sneakers without the fear of damaging or discoloring them. Collectors can rest assured knowing it is also approved by Speedster’s shoe repair partner REPENT.

Spritz & Go goes hard on viruses and easy on leather bags and shoes, as well as other materials like canvas and plastic. It ensures a non-toxic, non-bleach, and non-corrosive touch to even the most expensive bag in your possession while leaving a light and fresh fragrance to give it a little love. In just two months of operations, Spritz & Go has been recognized as the exclusive disinfectant brand used by several local brands, including luxury leatherware maker, Fino.

Now more than ever, high contact items like gadgets need to be frequently disinfected. Made with 70% ethyl alcohol and nature’s disinfectant, tea tree oil, Clean Tech sanitizes gadgets while being mindful of the surfaces it cleans.

It’s important for riders to keep their equipment clean, especially now that cycling is an encouraged mode of transportation. With Pro Gear, riders can safely disinfect gear like helmets, riding jackets, gloves, and face shields, keeping both riders and their passengers safe.

To ensure the efficacy of disinfectants by Speedster, the products are powered with quaternary ammonium compound, an active virus-killing ingredient recognized by the World Health Organization (WHO) to be effective against COVID-19.

With an apt tagline of “Disinfect Because You Care”, Speedster doesn’t limit itself to caring for your belongings as it also extends a helping hand as a business opportunity with its reseller program. For less than Php 10,000, resellers can start their own businesses with timely products that are proudly 100% Filipino-made. The program is also open to institutional resellers like car dealerships, auto shops, and convenience stores.

The Tinios are no strangers to creating and running a business. Nice Print Photo Company, one of the leading companies in the photo and video services industry, is the brainchild of the couple. Under Nice Print, they developed The Concept Room, a creative studio room where each wall is designed with a unique concept, as the name suggests. The couple also has experience in the auto industry through a franchise of Rapide Auto Services.

“As owners of services companies in different industries, we’ve experienced first-hand how the pandemic has impacted local businesses. With that in mind, we’ve decided to share this business opportunity with partners who are determined to come back stronger from this pandemic,” added Tinio.

For interested customers and resellers alike, follow @speedsterph on Instagram and @speedster.ph on Facebook for more information and leave a DM for orders and inquiries.