The best battery in the market keeps getting better

Much like how Tony Stark is continuously upgrading his Iron Man suit, Motolite is constantly introducing new features to the Motolite Excel to make sure the best battery in the country will keep on getting better and better as technology advances.

Tests have shown that the Excel, which sits at the top of Motolite’s lead-acid battery hierarchy, is way ahead of its competitors in terms of durability, resistance to damage from extreme heat and vibrations, and the number of charge and discharge cycles.

Made with German technology and Filipino ingenuity, the Excel — like the other lead-acid batteries being produced by Motolite such as the Motolite Gold and Motolite Enduro – is designed and manufactured with the Philippine weather and road conditions in mind.

The Excel batteries that are currently in the market have been proven to have 50% more charge and discharge cycles than its competitors when subjected to the Australian model for vibration test, which is the globally recognized gold standard.  Heat-related tests, meanwhile, showed that Motolite batteries have 40 percent more lifecycles compared to their competitors.

But Motolite is about to exceed those metrics anew as it is set to introduce in the market the New Excel, another upgraded version of the best battery in the country.

The social media accounts of car clubs and motoring enthusiasts are now abuzz with excitement as they await the opportunity to put the New Excel under the hood of their vehicles.

The strong interest from the motoring community is understandable considering the current Motolite Excel is already packed with features that put it way above its class.

Its re-engineered strap design improves robustness under heavy road conditions, while the bushing design promotes better bond between the terminal and the battery case cover to avert acid seepage.

With its higher density and chemically pure electrolyte, the Excel increased its corrosion resistance while reducing water loss, resulting in better battery performance and improved rechargeability.

Motolite is also continuously enhancing Excel’s plate performance to allow increased active material conversion for higher capacity and higher endurance. The design of the plates also reduces battery failures due to grid corrosion and plate deformation.

Aside from its superior product features, Motolite also has the distinction of being the only battery brand in the market that has a nationwide 24/7 delivery and customer-assistance service that can be accessed through the Motolite Express Hatid Hotlines (83706686, 09178916686, 09188436686) and the Motolite Res-Q App. Download the Motolite Res-Q App via the iOS App Store, Google Play Store, and Huawei App Gallery if your phone doesn’t have it yet.

Motolite provides free services to its customers wherever they are for battery replacement, tire assistance, overheating, and emergency refuels.

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