Aisin removes the guess work in buying car parts

An often overlooked aspect of the car ownership experience is maintenance. Often it’s not considered when one is buying a car, or even when they’ve already bought one. Some people cheap out on it by doing the bare minimum—just fluid changes and not really keen on looking into the other parts. Once things have broken down by wear and tear, that’s the first time they’re left staring at a shelf of parts not knowing which one is the best for their car.

Imagine, what wireless earphones work best with the iPhone? The AirPods, simply because they’re made by the same company. Same goes with Samsung phones and their wireless offerings. For car parts, that’s the same – who else to trust than the ones that made it. If you bought one of the popular cars, especially if it’s from a Japanese brand, you don’t have to worry about parts because there’s a brand that should be the default choice.

I’m talking about Aisin, the world’s leading Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM). They were established in 1965 at Kariya, Aichi, Japan and are part of the Toyota group of companies. Aisin has been making automotive parts for so long that they’re currently making more than 10,000 parts for different brands. Their clients include Toyota, Lexus, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Honda, Isuzu, Ford, Volvo, Audi, GM, and Chrysler. That means Aisin parts are fitted in these vehicles from the factories itself so if you own a car from any of the brands, chances are there’s an Aisin part for you.

So what exactly does Aisin make? From the 10,000 parts they make for different brands, they sell a few crucial ones in the aftermarket. Their products involve the mechanics itself of the vehicle which can be confusing to buy, especially if you’re not a car nut.

Aisin’s product line can be divided into key systems – drivetrain, engine, and lubricants.

They have clutch discs, clutch covers, cylinders, and flywheel dampers for the drivetrain; fan clutch, timing chain cover, oil pump rotor, and oil filter for the engine; while also having engine oils, transmission fluid, gear oil, grease, and coolants. Take note these are just some examples from their product line from their respective categories. There are a lot more components if you search on their website.

Their collaboration with Advics, the top 3 brake manufacturer in the world, means they’re now also able to sell brake pads, brake discs, and hydraulics. ART, the OEM supplier of pistons for car engines who recently became a part of the Aisin Group, is also now available in the aftermarket. Along with these are a new category for steering and suspension components that include ball joint, rack-end, control arms, arm shafts, center tie rod and more. Aisin will also soon release other replacement parts like brake shoes, fuel filter, and even wiper blades.

By making their expertise available to the common owner and not restricted to the brands themselves, Aisin takes out the guesswork in buying replacement parts. It also helps that they’ve covered most high-wear aspects of a vehicle so your car will definitely extend its lifespan.

Buying Aisin also means you’re sure that what you’ll put in your vehicle will last (provided you maintain your car) and it will work flawlessly as intended. Their products are also very easy to recognize as they have shifted to a new packaging style that’s unique and very recognizable as ‘Aisin’ from the first glance.

The next time you need a replacement part for your car, just go to your trusted store or check online and see if there’s an Aisin product for the component you need. Just be sure it’s original and you won’t have to worry about it failing you anytime soon.

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