Shell’s Tuloy Ang Pasko: Filipino compassion and optimism shine through this Christmas

Pilipinas Shell Petroleum Corporation has launched its Tuloy Ang Pasko campaign to provide encouragement though the holidays, and to remind Filipinos that despite life’s many challenges, the hope and optimism inherent to Philippine culture still shine during the pandemic.

“In this campaign, Pilipinas Shell tells the stories and honors Filipinos who continue to work and move the Philippines forward even during the holiday season,” says Serge Bernal, Vice President for Corporate Relations of Pilipinas Shell. “Despite the challenges, we want this to be a reminder that Filipinos always find a way to make Christmas merrier. Tuloy lang ang pasko ng Pilipino.“

Through a new set of films, Pilipinas Shell shows how the average Filipino family continues to find the means to find the joy in the holidays despite the pandemic and the adversity life has thrown their way. The video series tells stories that are simple, touching, and that every Filipino can relate to.

The Pasko on the Road: Truck video tells the story of Tolits, a truck driver who was not feeling festive despite being surrounded by the Christmas spirit on Christmas Eve. The video reminds us that Christmas is about the kindness people spread throughout the season, and being able to celebrate as a family even in simple but meaningful ways.

For Filipinos who cannot celebrate with their loved ones because they need to keep working during the holidays, the Pasko on the Road: Rider video shines a light on the admirable essential workers such as delivery personnel. Pilipinas Shell tells the story of Filipinos who continues to spread positivity, finding ways of celebrating this season with family, and dear colleagues whom they have come to regard as family.

The Tuloy Ang Pasko campaign also maintains that every Filipino deserves a brighter holiday literally and figuratively. Through its Access to Energy (A2E) program, Pilipinas Shell brings remote and off-grid communities the necessary power to light the holidays.

“We, as Filipinos, have always been known as a cheerful, compassionate people who watch out for our loved ones and our neighbors in all situations,” says Bernal. “This is why we can celebrate Christmas regardless of the challenges and in all situations. We find and share the joy in the simplest things. Mabuhay at nawa’y Maligayang Pasko para sa ating lahat!”

Celebrating with Filipinos, even prior to the ‘ber months, Shell distributed food packs and medical supplies to medical frontliners and their families as a continuation of their support to those affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. Livelihood and health for communities and capacity-building programs for the youth pushed on through the company’s social arm, the Pilipinas Shell Foundation Inc. (PSFI) A special Christmas promotion, Everyday Pamasko with Shell, was also launched to give away prizes to Shell’s most loyal customers across Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao.

Embrace the true meaning of the Christmas season and watch Pilipinas Shell’s Christmas videos at

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