Mitsubishi Motors Philippines Corporation showcases its best-selling models and brings back its legendary motorsport brand at the 8th Philippine International Motor Show

Mitsubishi Motors Philippines Corporation (MMPC) participates in the 8th Philippine International Motor Show (PIMS) – the biggest motor show in the country.

For this year’s PIMS, MMPC highlights not only its best-selling  vehicles but also its concept, which aims to make every Filipino’s life better. In every corner of the Mitsubishi Motors booth, customers will discover how  the brand integrated the facets of its core DNA from innovative  technologies, to the fun and exhilarating world of motorsports, and to its responsibility to society.

In every Filipino’s life stage, Mitsubishi Motors have products that  cater to specific mobility requirements and this is further highlighted in PIMS.

On display is the Mitsubishi Mirage G4, the stylish and practical sub

compact sedan. It is the perfect choice for first time car buyers, young  families, and as well as urban dwellers. This model is proudly-built in  MMPC’s manufacturing plant located in Santa Rosa, Laguna. It is developed  to not only have a stylish sense but also practicality in mind. 

Recently launched in May this year, the New Mitsubishi Xpander also makes its way to PIMS. Since its introduction in 2018, many Filipinos fell in  love with this model. Making it the country’s best-selling MPV. Now with its  latest iteration, it now offers a more advanced and progressive styling  coupled with enhanced levels of comfort and convenience features. Both the Mirage G4 and the New Xpander on display are equipped  with our Genuine Accessories that will surely fit the style and personality of  customers. These models will also be available for test drive.

The legendary workhorse and the country’s number one (1) utility van, the Mitsubishi L300 is also present in the show. The L300 is a top choice among Filipino business owners due to its reliable, powerful, and fuel efficient engine matched with its highly customizable cargo area. The unit on display is dressed up as a hauler for a coffee shop business. This shows one of the many ways where the L300 can be customized for any growing business. MMPC has collaborated with Culture Blends to serve customers with one of the best coffee blends that is perfect for the Filipino palate.

Mitsubishi Motors is also one of the pioneers in EV technology. Back  in 2013, Mitsubishi Motors unveiled the Mitsubishi Outlander PHEVglobally– the world’s most popular plug-in hybrid electric SUV. Since its  introduction, it quickly became the world’s bests-selling PHEV-based  Sports-utility vehicle. Since then, improvements to this model and MMPC  decided to introduce it to the Philippine market in 2020. In PIMS, customers  can learn more about Mitsubishi’s PHEV technology as well as test-drive  the Outlander PHEV in this event.

For its the main event, MMPC also celebrated the return of the 

legendary RALLIART brand at the 8th Philippine International motor show  (PIMS) with the launch of the New Strada GLS and Montero Sport Black  Series RALLIART!

RALLIART is Mitsubishi Motors’ iconic motorsports brand that refined  the driving performance and style of Mitsubishi vehicles through the years.  Mitsubishi Motors took on the challenge of participating in various rally  races around the world such as the World Rally Championship, Paris Dakar  Rally and many more. Driven by the best drivers in the world, Mitsubishi  continues to push cars to the limit of their performance. Mitsubishi Motors  learned three (3) key values from its many victories at some of the world’s  toughest rally championships. To win those tough competitions, Mitsubishi  vehicles should have “high performance”, be “durable and tough”, and have “high levels of comfort” in order to claim victories with confidence. That  victorious DNA is embedded in all Mitsubishi cars.

With progressive exposures at extreme motorsport environments,  RALLIART provides the excitement and pride that only the owners of  Mitsubishi vehicles can experience. The RALLIART brand has fueled  Mitsubishi enthusiasts all over the world. MMPC is thrilled to bring back the  RALLIART brand to Philippine shores through the New Strada GLS and  Montero Sport Black Series RALLIART!

The New Strada GLS RALLIART (2WD AT) is equipped with exclusive  RALLIART components as a tribute to Mitsubishi’s rich rally heritage.

This special model comes with:

∙ RALLIART Front Under Garnish

∙ RALLIART Mud Flaps

∙ RALLIART Side Decals

∙ RALLIART Bed Liner

∙ RALLIART Floor Mats

The New Strada GLS RALLIART is priced at P1, 429,000

The New Montero Sport Black Series RALLIART (2WD AT) bears a sportier  and imposing presence while maintaining its classy stature.

This special model comes with:

∙ RALLIART Front Under Garnish

∙ RALLIART Rear Under Garnish

∙ RALLIART Mud Flaps ∙ RALLIART Side Decals

The New Montero Sport Black Series RALLIART is priced at P2, 122,000

Both the New Strada GLS and Montero Sport Black Series RALLIART models  come in two (2) colors:

∙ Jet Black Mica

∙ White Diamond (+P15,000)

Further pushing the RALLIART brand’s return, MMPC will also feature the Strada Rally Car in this year’s PIMS. This model is the brand’s official  entry to the 27th Asia Cross Country Rally or AXCR happening this  November 21-26. Dubbed as the toughest rally competition in Asia, the  course starts from Buriram, Thailand to the finish line in Siem Reap,  Cambodia. AXCR is a grueling, weeklong, 2,000-kilometer cross-country  rally that races through the natural terrain of Southeast Asia.

Designed as a test of driving and navigation skill, endurance and  teamwork, as well as, durability and toughness of 4-wheel drive vehicles,  

the Strada rally car is very much capable in overcoming any obstacle the  course has to offer. Back in Thailand, Mitsubishi Team RALLIART have been  conducting rigorous testing on the rally car on an undisclosed off-road  course. Preparations for this are running smoothly and the team is set to  dominate in this competition.

This is the just the beginning. Stay tuned for more updates on the  revival on the RALLIART brand.

To learn more about the Strada GLS and Montero Sport Black Series  RALLIART as well as other Mitsubishi cars, you may visit MMPC’s official  website at

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