Yamaha MotoGP stars inspire Filipino racers

Yamaha MotoGP stars Fabio “El Diablo” Quartararo and Franco “Franky” Morbidelli arrived in the Philippines for The APEX Arrival, an event organized by Yamaha to showcase its riders and the latest models. The event also served as a platform to introduce Yamaha’s sponsored Filipino racers who will compete in international competitions such as the Asia Road Racing Championship (ARRC) and FIM Junior Grand Prix (FIM JrGP).

MotoGP, the premier class of motorcycle road racing, is a thrilling and highly competitive sport that draws in millions of fans from around the world. It is a sport where riders showcase their skills, speed, and endurance while pushing themselves and their bikes to the limit around the race track.

El Diablo and Franky have been making waves in the sport under the Monster Energy Yamaha MotoGP Team.

French rider El Diablo debuted in the MotoGP in 2019. Even though he was a rookie, he rapidly established himself by taking home multiple victories and placing fifth overall in the championship. El Diablo distinguishes out on the track for his amazing speed and agility. He rides with grace and accuracy and isn’t hesitant to take chances when passing rivals. His lap times, which are consistently among the fastest in the field, demonstrate his abilities.

Factory Racing Team Monster Energy Yamaha MotoGP Rider, 2021 MotoGP Champion Fabio “El Diablo” Quartararo and Teamate Franco Morbidelli during a pressconference at marriot hotel in pasay city photo/russell palma

On the other hand, Italian rider Franky also debuted in the MotoGP in 2019. Franky excels at being consistent in a race. He races with poise and consideration, and he is renowned for his ability to keep up a fast pace while managing his tires. This talent is essential in MotoGP because tire wear has a significant impact on a rider’s performance throughout a race.

El Diablo and Franky talked about how happy they were to be in the Philippines during the press conference at the Marriott Hotel. They were astounded by the nation’s passion for motorcycles and the rising recognition of motorcycle sports there. El Diablo said it was encouraging to see how Filipinos have embraced the tradition of riding and racing because he had never seen such love for motorcycles before.

El Diablo and Franky also discussed their involvement in MotoGP and their pre-race routines. They highlighted the value of having a well-running motorcycle as well as being physically fit and mentally prepared. El Diablo revealed that he puts in a lot of work during the off-season to prepare for races by practicing and training frequently.

Franky stressed the value of teamwork and communication with his group. He emphasized the bond of friendship and trust he has developed with his crew, which has enabled him to succeed in the MotoGP.

The two Yamaha stars also had the chance to meet and interact with the Filipino racers who will be competing in the international races, expressing their support. Three Filipino Yamaha riders have made it to the top of their game: McKinley Kyle Paz, also known as “The Wonderboy,” April King Mascardo, or “Rocket Boy,” and Gian Carlo Mauricio, who goes by the moniker “The Flash.” They are set to compete in the ARRC and FIM JrGP.

One of the ARRC representatives, Mascardo, revealed that the three riders are attempting to enhance their dynamic in order to produce better results in their next competitions. McKinley Kyle Paz, the youngest of the racers, has been well-known to racing fans since the start of his career. He is concentrating on his maiden race this year as he gets ready for the FIM JrGP.

Paz stated that he was pleased with his last race’s results and anticipates performing even better this time. Paz also provided some insight into their training routine, revealing that they biked, worked out in the gym, and alternated between circuit and off-road training. He underlined the value of their weekly practice sessions and how it increased their sense of unity as a team.

These riders, along with others, are raising the flag high and representing the Philippines on the international scene as motorcycle sports continue to gain popularity in the nation. Many Filipinos, whether young and old, who aspire to achieve success in the world of motorcycle racing find motivation in their love and dedication to their art.

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