ENEOS PH highlights the importance of motorcycle safety rider training

In a concerted effort to prioritize road safety, ENEOS Motor Oil, Japan’s leading oil company, recently organized a special event aimed at raising awareness among the public about the significance of motorcycle safety rider training. The event brought together members of the motoring media and young enthusiasts, who were given the opportunity to learn from renowned motorcycle riding coach and ENEOS Brand Ambassador, Mel Aquino.

ENEOS Philippines Corporation (ENEPH) stands firmly committed not only to delivering safe and reliable products and services but also to advocating for safety on the roads, particularly for motorcycle riders. As statistics reveal, the Philippines boasts the fifth-largest motorcycle industry in the world, with motorcycles accounting for a staggering 71% of the country’s total registered vehicles, a number that is expected to continue growing in the years to come.

Coach Chico Garcia teaching the kids the importance of stretching before getting on a bike

Recognizing the immense responsibility that comes with such a large number of riders, ENEPH aims to play a major role in promoting safety both on and off the road. In their endeavor, they are supported by a team of esteemed brand ambassadors, including Bornok Mangosong, Philippine Motocross Champion; Des Buncio, Superbike Champion and Off-road lady rider; Mel Aquino, Philippine Motocross Champion and highly respected motorcycle riding coach; and Jacq Buncio, the latest addition, and Superbike Champion.

Coach Mel Aquino in action

At the Motorcycle Riding School Philippines led by Mel Aquino, participants engaged in a comprehensive one-day seminar. They were enlightened on crucial aspects such as the importance of wearing proper riding gear, conducting pre-ride inspections, mastering the seven different riding postures, braking techniques, cornering, and the three types of leaning.

Furthermore, they received valuable guidance on proper road behavior. The afternoon session involved hands-on training on the off-road track, where Coach Mel and his team of coaches provided practical instruction for better comprehension and application.

Coach Mel Aquino emphasized that human error is the leading cause of motorcycle accidents. Therefore, he underscored the vital role played by motorcycle safety training in mitigating such incidents. He believes that learning in an off-road environment can significantly benefit on-road riders, particularly when confronted with less-than-ideal road conditions. Additionally, a specialized program has been developed for children, ensuring they start with strong fundamentals and derive increased enjoyment from riding as they grow older.

ENEOS Philippines, a part of Japan’s globally recognized No. 1 Oil Company, is dedicated to providing top-quality, high-performance automotive lubricant solutions accessible to motorists nationwide. Since its establishment in October 2019, the company has been steadfast in delivering outstanding power to every Filipino’s drive.

For motorcycle enthusiasts, ENEOS Motor Oil offers a range of products tailored to meet their specific needs. These include high-performance fully synthetic motorcycle oil for racing, synthetic-based motorcycle oil suitable for all types of 4-stroke engines, synthetic automatic scooter oil, scooter gear oil, and mineral-based motorcycle oil for all types of 4-stroke engines.

Participants undergo hands-on training on proper braking techniques and correct posture

For car owners, ENEOS Motor Oil also offers ultra-modern, environmentally friendly fully synthetic motor oils for both gasoline and diesel engines, as well as high-performance synthetic and highly refined mineral-based motor oils.

Embracing motorcycle safety rider training is crucial for fostering a culture of responsible riding. With ENEOS Motor Oil leading the charge and Mel Aquino as a guiding force, motorcycle enthusiasts and the wider community can embark on a journey toward a safer and more secure future on two wheels.

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