The Geely GX3 Pro – From Testing the Waters to Winning People’s Hearts 

 Sojitz G Auto Philippines Corporation (SGAP), the exclusive distributor of Geely vehicles in the country, achieves a memorable milestone with its Geely GX3 Pro model, the latest subcompact SUV offering to the Filipino market. 

From “testing the waters” when it was initially previewed during the Manila International Auto Show in April 2023, the GX3 Pro is now proudly positioned at #2 in the Small SUV segment for the month of October 2023, based on CAMPI sales report. Since its August 2023 launch, the GX3 Pro has found home in 441 Filipino households, with an additional 165 reservations signifying the strong demand for this model. The success story resonates across key regions, with NCR, Central Luzon, Calabarzon, and Mindanao playing pivotal roles in this triumph. 

The GX3 Pro’s immediate success is a true testament to Geely’s commitment to delivering quality vehicles that appeal to the lifestyles of Filipinos who are passionate for life’s adventures. Citing customers’ feedback, the top 5 most loved features of the GX3 Pro are as follows: 

  1. The sleek exterior design style with sunroof – reflects the vibrant and outgoing spirit of the young millennials and the Gen-Z market. 
  2. The 8-inch infotainment system – keeps passengers in the mood for more drive time even in the middle of a heavy traffic. 
  3. The three driving modes (Normal, Eco, and Sport) – allows the car to perform to fit varying driving style and conditions. 
  4. The high ground clearance – also believed to ensure a smooth ride on varying road conditions. 
  5. Interior cabin space – not only comfortably accommodates friends, but is also expandable to allow larger cargo during vacation road trips. 

 The GX3 Pro is fast becoming a formidable challenger in its segment. “We have a new hero in our vehicle line-up. For this, we are very thankful for the customers’ warm acceptance of the GX3 Pro as a vehicle that is very useful and trustworthy for them to be their companion in their everyday journeys,” says Yugo Kiyofuji, SGAP President and CEO. 

Optimistic that Geely will continue to challenge conventions and embrace change, Geely Philippines looks forward to a future filled with more milestones and shared adventures with its valued customers, as the GX3 Pro continues to captivate hearts and conquer roads. 

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