Chery introduces QPower – a new era of electrification

Chery Auto Philippines has already introduced electrified offerings in the market. They come in the form of mild-hybrid, hybrid, and even a plug-in hybrid system. Recently, they held the Q Power launch conference to introduce the newest innovations they’re working on regarding green energy. They’re hoping it will encourage more Filipinos to embrace energy-efficient, eco-friendly, and economically efficient means of traveling. 

During the QPower Launch Conference, key executives of Chery Auto were present including Mrs. Elaine, Brand Director of Chery Business Department; Suliang, Product Line Director; Mr. Young, General Manager of the Philippines; and YuJian, Chief Designer. 

They started by pointing out the reason for the transition to green energy – climate change. The car industry faces severe challenges in their desire to reduce carbon and emissions due to the production process and long industrial chain in making cars. Mrs. Elaine stated that Chery has always looked ‘green technology, family, and companionship’ as a crucial brand concept and keeps on exploring more sustainable routes and formulates carbon reduction plans for the entire industry chain. 

As a top exporter of Chinese cars for 20 years, Chery has a lot of experience in reaching nations with its presence in 80 countries and regions worldwide. They have also mastered  leading new energy technologies globally, with its energy conservation practices, environmental protection, and integrated technological capabilities. This allows them to provide sustainable travel solutions that are diversified, comfortable, worry-free, and environmentally friendly driving experience to families around the world.

QPower refers to Chery’s 4.0 era of powertrains. It promises to provide a more efficient and intelligent driving for consumers. It also achieved lower production energy consumption, exhibiting Chery’s vision of a green ecosystem for the future. Covered in the new QPower architecture are engines and transmissions that allow for high performance but low fuel consumption and low emissions. In fact, the QPower Plug-In Hybrid’s thermal efficiency can reach over 44.5%. 

Chery Auto General Manager for Philippines Mr. Young

Chery’s investment in developing new energy cars also looks to pay off as global sales estimates for electrified vehicles are continuously growing. From 2020 to 2022, sales of new energy cars worldwide are at 2.86M, 6.34M, and 10.31M with market penetration at 5%, 9%, and 14% respectively. There are forecasts that numbers will exceed 15M units in 2023 and 20M units at 2024, with a market share of 24.2%. This is why Chery is accelerating the implementation of their new energy vehicles that covers various segments like Mild-Hybrid, Plug-In Hybrid, and Battery Electric vehicles to meet the demands for green travel.

The conference also served as the more formal introduction for the upcoming Chery eQ7. It has a ‘Digital Superbody’ design language that was able to achieve a 0.618 golden ratio on the body. Its sharp aesthetic features an integrated design that leads your eyes to a center of gravity on the front face. The minimalist body has black suspended roof design, sharp lines, and large aerodynamic wheels to create a strong visual impact while the wheels help to reduce drag. 

Amenities of the eQ7 include a suspended 24.6-inch dual-screen, dual-tone interior, three-spoke multifunction steering wheel, and premium feeling panels on the cabin. 

The eQ7 was previewed last year at the 2023 Philippine Electric Vehicle Summit, along with the much smaller but fully-electric eQ1. Back then, representatives of the brand said they plan on bringing the 2 into the country this year. 

With this launch conference for the new power architecture and a re-introduction for the eQ7, the arrival of Chery’s new generation of vehicles looks sooner than later.

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