The Philippine Overland Exploration Loop by Jec Episodes

How well do you know the Philippines? How much of its vast 300,000 square kilometers of land have you explored in your lifetime? With 7,641 islands, the Philippines and its wonders will never fail to amaze. It is a haven for new discoveries, for both locals and tourists alike. 

This summer, The Philippine Overland Exploration Loop is an interesting take on car camping with Jec Zshornack, popularly known in the off-roading community as “Jec Episodes”. This loop will be taking local tourism to the next level starting March 10, 2024, by embarking on a 42-day journey that spans more than 8,000 kilometers, with over 80 inter-island destinations. 

Mighty rig of Jec Episodes

The overland exploration team is composed of passionate local overlanders such as Denmark “Mr. Everywhere” Dolores, Jeric “Blake Episodes” Alberto, and Marc “Tatay Chubs” Pateña — all of whom will also share their personal stories of adventure and extraordinary culinary journey through content creation, as they camp and drive around the Philippines. 

The group, including its production crew, will be utilizing their own 4×4 vehicles in this challenging cross-country experience. To ensure that these trucks will be able to endure various terrains and possible unforgiving weather conditions, the reliable rigs will be further equipped by Nitto Tire Philippines, Overland Kings, Method Race Wheels Philippines, TotalHitch, TrailGecko, Ohlins Philippines, Index Automotive Batteries PH, and ELF Brand by YHI Philippines for their lubricants. 

Travelling from Luzon, Visayas, to Mindanao, this expedition is made possible by FastCat for the team’s RoRo transfers, and WRU GPS Fleet Management for the seamless tracking of their rigs as part of their safety precaution no matter where they are. With food playing a huge role in this overlanding trip, myCOOLMAN portable fridge will keep perishable goods and beverages fresh all throughout. 

All destinations will remain a mystery, but the whole crew will be showcasing every nook and cranny of the trip and upload it online in real time. A six-part cinevlog series will also be released on Jec Episodes YouTube channel; with a production team consisting of professionals in the filmmaking industry, and are passionate overlanders, the audience shall expect top-notch content and quality that goes beyond your regular YouTube material. 

For now, we know that the POEL gang is very much looking forward to sharing the first sunrise of the country with their followers. In case you think there is not enough time in 42 days by land, to go from the northernmost part of the Philippines, all the way to the southernmost point, they are about to show you that it can be done. Their journey aims to inspire not only the 4×4 community of overlanders, but also adventure seekers, nature lovers, and constant travelers. When this exploration is over, Jec and the team hope that their audience can see the beauty in the uncharted, and the magnificent cultural diversity in our robust, yet humble archipelago. There is so much more to discover in the Philippines, and sometimes, we don’t need to fly out to experience extraordinary — sometimes, you just need a dependable vehicle, camping gear, and an insatiable thirst for adventure. 

Get the best seat in the house, update your bucket list, by following Jec Episodes on his YouTube and social media channels. Real time updates will be shared, so join them as they traverse the highs and lows of our treasured Pearl of the Orient Seas. 

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