OMODA & JAECOO Debuts at MIAS: Shares Brands’ vision to customers

From April 4 to April 7, 2024, OMODA & JAECOO made a spectacular appearance at the Manila International Auto Show (MIAS) in the Philippines. Not only did they showcase their product lineup, but they also demonstrated their technical prowess and influence as a global automotive brand. 

OMODA & JAECOO displayed four highly anticipated models: the crossover intelligent SUV OMODA 5, the all-electric intelligent SUV OMODA 5 EV, the high-end off-road vehicle JAECOO J7, and the luxury off-road vehicle JAECOO J8. These models captivated many visitors with their unique design philosophies and the application of cutting-edge technologies. 

To provide Filipino users, media, and dealers with a more direct experience of the vehicle performance, OMODA & JAECOO hosted four test drive events during the auto show, drawing over 50 participants to experience the exceptional quality of OMODA & JAECOO firsthand. 

At the show, OMODA & JAECOO also unveiled a new brand strategy for the Philippines, “Global Brand, Filipino Centric,” centered on the operating philosophy of “In the Philippines, for the Philippines.” Combined with a comprehensive product lineup, this strategy affirmed OMODA & JAECOO’s commitment to building a personalized brand. 

As an emerging automotive brand, OMODA & JAECOO have rapidly made their mark in the fiercely competitive market since their global launch in 2023. To date, they have successfully entered 19 countries and regions worldwide, with global export sales exceeding 160,000 vehicles. This achievement underscores their strong market appeal and consumer attraction. 

OMODA & JAECOO’s significant success can first be attributed to their development philosophy of “Born Global, Developed Globally, Manufactured Globally.” The brand selects top global suppliers for vehicle assembly components and is simultaneously dedicated to creating a complete world-class network of research and development, production, marketing, and service. This not only ensures high product quality standards but also enables OMODA & JAECOO to rapidly respond to market changes and meet the diverse needs of consumers in different regions. 

Furthermore, OMODA & JAECOO place a high priority on vehicle safety: their production base includes an advanced super-factory and houses their own NVH (Noise, Vibration, and Harshness) facilities and crash test facilities. These stringent quality control measures enable OMODA & JAECOO’s models to achieve global 5-Star safety certifications such as E-NCAP and A-NCAP, providing consumers with a safe and reliable driving experience. 

In the Philippine market, OMODA & JAECOO have developed a localized strategic plan aimed at meeting the actual needs of Filipino consumers by offering competitive products, building a high-quality product lineup, providing reasonable prices, and excellent after-sales service. Simultaneously, OMODA & JAECOO are actively exploring new high-quality financial service models in collaboration with BDO, the largest bank in the Philippines, and are building an efficient and rapid automotive logistics service system with logistics giant DB Schenker. These initiatives further consolidate OMODA & JAECOO’s market position in the Philippines and expand their influence in the Southeast Asian region. 

Lastly, OMODA & JAECOO consistently adhere to a “customer-centric” philosophy, committed to building a comprehensive ecosystem of brand, product, and service. Through the O-Universe and J-Club ecological platforms, they offer differentiated services to vehicle owners, driving transformation in user experience within the industry and setting new industry benchmarks. 

Looking to the future, OMODA & JAECOO view the Philippines as a strategic springboard into the Southeast Asian market. They plan to host more offline events and test drive experiences to deepen interactions and connections with consumers. Simultaneously, they will leverage social media and other digital platforms to promptly deliver the latest brand updates and product information, enhancing their recognition on social media and establishing a robust brand image. 

OMODA & JAECOO’s outstanding performance at the Manila International Auto Show also served as an ideal warm-up for the upcoming Beijing International Automotive Exhibition. The brand will soon showcase three models at the Beijing International Automotive Exhibition: OMODA 5 EV, JAECOO 7 PHEV, and JAECOO 8 PHEV. These displays will further demonstrate the brand’s technological innovation and leadership in the new energy sector to a global audience. Following this, these models are set to launch in the Philippine market. As the brand continues to expand and deepen its development in the global market, OMODA & JAECOO are poised to continue leading the wave of innovation in the automotive industry, offering consumers more high-quality, intelligent transportation options. 

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