Beyond Stereotype: The Hyundai Santa Fe is a veiled executive SUV

Seven-seater crossovers and SUVs have been stereotyped in the Philippines as a family car. We have deep ties to our extended family members that even if the couple only has 1 or 2 kids, a 7-seater car is still their choice for a vehicle. This is so they can accommodate the aunt, uncle, or grandparents during a family trip. But any SUV in the market can be a family car.

You’re not a one-dimensional person. Aside from being a father and a husband, you’re a successful executive, a trusted person among your peers – there are other facets to your personality that you want to reflect in your car of choice. Something that puts practicality in the background and pushes your taste, success, and uniqueness in front. From home to the office, business meetings, parent teacher conferences, and corporate events, the all-new Hyundai Santa Fe has many reasons why it should be your car of choice. 

Imposing Design

The all-new Santa Fe doesn’t have to be tall in order to stand out. It catches eyes wherever it goes thanks to its sheer size, imposing design, and boxy silhouette that’s unlike any on the roads right now. 

How can anyone turn their eyes away when the H-shaped headlights and lightbar on the grille are bright even under the sunlight. It’s also unique with its approach of not trying hard to be rugged but still looks tough. There’s no contrasting cladding on its sides, but in its place are gloss black pieces and flared wheel arches that give it a very strong and muscular appeal.

The back is where the Santa Fe’s intimidation turns a notch higher. It’s just like a slab of wall looking at you, with the same H-pattern now housed in the taillights. This design isn’t all aesthetics either. This slab tailgate allows for a bigger and lower opening that allows bigger and heavier items to be loaded easier. Once you fold the third row seats, you’ll see that the wheel bulges aren’t too much, allowing you to carry more items as necessary. Perfect for the executive who travels a lot or those who often need to bring large items to their office. 

Abundant Space

Of course, all that flair will be of no use if the cabin isn’t livable. Luckily, space is aplenty here in the all-new Santa Fe. No matter where you sit, you’ll have a comfortable position for long rides, or long crawling traffic. It’s also one of the few SUVs where you can have a usable cargo space at the back despite having all three rows up. You can still fit a medium sized suitcase there, or even a golf bag.

This is complemented by nifty features like dual-zone climate control, smartly-placed air vents up to the third row, and charging options in all three rows. The cabin also becomes seemingly more spacious once you uncover the segmented sunroof above. Being divided into 2 allows you to enjoy your surroundings without disturbing your driver, or vice versa. 

All Kinds of Bosses

It doesn’t matter if you’re the executive who prefers to drive or be driven. You’ll find that the all-new Santa Fe has very intuitive features for you. 

Those who’d rather take the wheel are treated to some advanced creature comforts. Aside from the panoramic screen in front of the driver, there are Power Relaxation seats for both front occupants to help them relax during a long drive. You also have multiple options for charging. There are two USB-C ports as well as two wireless chargers, perfect for powering both personal and office phones you may have. 

If riding in the second row is more of your style, the Santa Fe will definitely give you a red carpet experience. For starters, the front passenger seat has buttons on the left side of its backrest so you can adjust its position from the second row, giving you more legroom. Beside that, and on the driver’s side as well, are USB-C ports so you don’t have to duck down just to plug in your cable. 

As mentioned earlier, there are smartly-placed air vents in the Santa Fe. For the second row, that’s on the B-pillars so that airflow is directed at your upper body and does not have to pass through your knees. This cooling technique is aided by the sun shade that’s available on the second row windows. 

Last is the bi-directional console box. It’s simply the center console compartment but this time, you can also open it from its rear. This allows you to store and get some bulkier items without having to ask the driver or the front passenger. This way, you’ll avoid having creases on your clothes while doing tasks on the second row of the Santa Fe.

It’s already a given that the all-new Hyundai Santa Fe can be the perfect companion for your family. But just like you, it’s not a one-dimensional vehicle. It has smart features and implementations that make driving and riding it more convenient, especially when you’re working on the go. It may not be apparent because of the stereotype, but the Hyundai Santa Fe is not your typical 7-seater. It’s an SUV for those who want more productivity while showcasing their individuality. 

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