Lycan Presents the Great Philippine Road Tour

Lycan Motorcycles Inc, a Filipino electric vehicle manufacturer, is embarking on an ambitious nationwide journey both by land and sea, showcasing its four electric vehicle prototype models to demonstrate its commitment to sustainable transportation solutions. 

This road tour is a pivotal element of Lycan’s brand and product activation campaign, aimed at fostering the widespread adoption of electric vehicles across the Philippines. The initiative reflects Lycan’s dedication to combating climate change, promoting locally-made products, and contributing to the nation’s technological advancement. 

In a dynamic and highly competitive industry dominated by foreign brands, Lycan recognized the importance of reaching out directly to the Filipino people, engaging with them where it matters most. While initially exploring internal combustion engine motorcycles in 2020, the company has redirected its focus towards electric vehicles, aligning with global trends and environmental consciousness.

Having successfully developed three prototype models – the Atlas II (an electric stand-up scooter), the Lycan G6 (an electric cruise motorcycle), and the Lycan Shyft (an electric scooter motorcycle) – Lycan is now poised to undertake a comprehensive testing phase. This initiative aims to demonstrate the long-distance capabilities of Lycan’s electric vehicles, equipped with enhanced batteries and cutting-edge solutions for battery swapping and fast charging. 

Addressing a significant market concern regarding electric vehicles’ range and battery issues, especially in the early stages of the Philippines’ electric vehicle infrastructure, Lycan is actively working on its proprietary battery and charging infrastructures. The company plans to test, release, and deploy these innovations nationwide in 2024. 

As a 100% Filipino-owned company, Lycan’s Philippine Tour serves dual purposes: to promote its electric vehicles and showcase the capabilities of its team while also championing Filipino products, talent, and the scenic beauty of the Philippines. 

The tour is strategically organized into two legs: the South Leg Tour and the North Leg Tour, covering both ends of the Philippines, from Davao City in the South to Aparri in the North which is estimated to last 45 days, traveling a total distance of around 5,000 kilometers to reach 26 destination under various road and weather conditions. The primary objective of this expedition is to advocate and promote the accelerated transition of the Philippines to sustainable transportation. This will be achieved through seminars, test drives, discussions, partnerships, and various outreach activities. 

Lycan has diligently partnered with LGUs, local establishments, businesses, rider groups, and other stakeholders at each destination. Together, they will host mini events featuring test drives, seminars, open discussions, and business meetings, ensuring a productive and impactful campaign for the industry and the market.

Undertaking this campaign poses numerous challenges that few have dared to face, testing the limits of human spirit, physique, and mentality. To bolster our journey and mission, Lycan invites the support of individuals, organizations, and companies through sponsorships. This support is crucial for ensuring the safety, success, and completion of Lycan’s ambitious mission. 

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