Start the BER season with September-y Good deals on Hyundai trucks and buses

Hyundai Asia Resources, Inc. (HARI), the official distributor of Hyundai commercial vehicles in the Philippines, ushers in the BER months with September-y Good offers on the XCIENT, COUNTY MINIBUS, COUNTY MOBILE VACCINATION CLINIC, and UNIVERSE.

Re-fleet or expand your existing fleet with now more affordable Hyundai trucks and buses that are built to efficiently move goods, make for comfortable transport, and are easy to maintain.  As HARI President and CEO Ma. Fe Perez-Agudo affirmed, “The customers have spoken. At dahil gusto n’yo pa, September-y Good builds on the overwhelmingly favorable response to our Augustong-Gusto promo. We extend our commitment to make investing in a Hyundai truck or bus easier and more economical for entrepreneurs in these challenging times,” said Ms. Agudo.

The COUNTY minibus and the UNIVERSE can save you up to ₱500,000 and ₱1,000,000 (M), respectively; while you can get up to ₱1-M of savings on the XCIENT tractor head.  And, in response to the government’s nationwide vaccination campaign, you can invest in a COUNTY mobile vaccination clinic, with discount of up to ₱600,000. 

Hyundai COUNTY: your versatile transport and healthcare partner

From moving people, to moving health services, the COUNTY makes the mark as a mobility solution. Its host of features demonstrate its dependability, safety, and reassuring comfort.

The COUNTY exudes a friendly face on the road, with rounded edges and smooth exterior combining beautifully to form a clean, sleek image, while flush panoramic windows offer passengers a refreshing view.

Reflecting Hyundai’s human-centric design philosophy, the COUNTY’s interior combines outstanding ergonomics and aesthetics to give driver and passengers maximum comfort. The roomy cabin space, deluxe cargo storage for extra luggage, and plush passenger seats provide best-in-class comfort and convenience. In its standard configuration, it seats 29 including the driver.

As Hyundai’s mobile vaccination clinic variant, the COUNTY’s generous interiors can be configured to accommodate actual vaccination procedures, a clinical bed, and storage for medical essentials and other healthcare goods.  Inclusions such as two units of portable Bio Ultra Freezers, two units of retractable tent (motorized), blood pressure (BP) apparatus, oxygen tank with regulator and humidifier, and other optional medical and emergency equipment are also made available depending on customer’s need.

As a product of Hyundai’s advanced testing and manufacturing facilities, the COUNTY meets the highest standards of performance, durability and safety.

Its CRDi (Common Rail Direct Injection) engine produces 140ps and is capable of responsive acceleration with high torque even at low RPM.

Vehicle stability is also reinforced, as Hyundai made sure to subject each unit to the most punishing durability tests on various road conditions. The sturdy body on the box-type chassis frame offers greater resistance against bending and torsional forces. It also has greater rust-resistance, thanks to Hyundai’s electrostatic immersion process. 

For safer stops, the Load Sensing Proportioning Valve (LSPV) selectively distributes hydraulic brake pressure between the front and rear wheels according to the weight distribution of the passenger load. The large-sized 9+10 tandem brake booster provides ample hydraulic brake pressure to significantly reduce brake pedal force for advanced safety of the passengers.

Hyundai UNIVERSE: dependability that goes the distance

When it comes to long-distance transport, Hyundai has taken great care to explore a UNIVERSE of possibilities in designing a modern, comfortable bus that exceeds the expectations of commuters.  The UNIVERSE is a colossal bus designed with plenty of space, convenience features, and reliability that go the distance in uncompromising road-worthiness. 

Through electro-deposition technology, its massive structure is thoroughly protected from corrosion to make it fit for demanding transport requirements.  Its monocoque design enhances structural rigidity while being lightweight, significantly reducing vibration and providing overall protection. 

The chassis system is also monocoque, which enhances ride quality and handling.  Add to this the front and rear air suspension, plus hydraulic shock absorbers with double- acting telescopic type on axles, and you’ve got a ride stability profile that’s up to par during long drives.

The UNIVERSE offers either 49+1 or 45+1-seater configurations to cater to diverse mobility needs. And when it comes to performance, its powerful and economical D6CC Euro 4 engine does the job well.  Fitted with turbocharger, this 6 in-line electronic diesel engine churns out maximum power of 380 ps @ 1,900 rpm, and maximum torque of 148 kg-m @ 1,200 rpm.  It’s paired with a 5-speed transmission system, which boosts its fuel efficient profile, translating to cost-saving and value-adding operations for your transport-servicing business.

The UNIVERSE’s safety profile is likewise reassuring for both driver and passenger. The Anti-lock Braking System with Anti-slip Regulator helps the driver maintain full directional stability at all times, most specially while passing through slippery roads. A speed limiter maintains the vehicle’s speed threshold at 100 km/hr to avoid excessive acceleration. Other thoughtful safety features include Multi Focus Reflection (MFR) headlamps and fog lamps for increased visibility on the road; a wide, aerodynamic outside rear view mirror for a clear view of movement from other vehicles; and 3-point ELR seatbelts for the driver for better protection. 

For passengers, stable and sturdy seats are designed with steel tube framing, reclining function, and vinyl leather covering for restful sitting. Other thoughtful features include board type shelves, fluorescent room lamp, and a spacious luggage compartment.

Hyundai XCIENT: an eXcellent choice for heavy-duty work

As Hyundai’s biggest and brawniest in its stable of trucks, the XCIENT is a commanding presence on the road.  With its extensive application of Hyundai’s signature high-strength steel, structural rigidity and durability is what you can expect, whatever the road or load.

The XCIENT is built to take on tough jobs with its front and rear multi-leaf suspension system and its core Powertech engine (in the D6HA and D6CC for XCIENT cargo trucks and XCIENT 4×2 and 6×2 tractor heads). Engineered with Hyundai’s class-leading technology, these direct-injection turbo-diesel engines produce higher power output for superior road performance and are Euro-4 compatible, which makes for smarter operational efficiency with improved fuel consumption and emissions. The D6HA delivers a maximum power output of 380 ps @ 2,000 rpm and maximum torque of 160 kg-m @ 1,200 rpm, while the D6CC churns out maximum power of 410 ps @ 1,900 rpm, and maximum torque: 188 kg-m @ 1,200 rpm—all ready to support the daily rigors of cargo or hauling.

When it comes to the service maintenance process, the XCIENT may be heavy-duty, but it keeps this process light, thanks to its cab’s 61-degree tilt angle and enlarged tilting cylinder that secures the volume of tilting pump reservoir.  Protection applied to upper components helps prevent oil leakage, which saves on undue costs from engine damage and hampered operations.

“As we approach the final stretch of 2021, we are one with Filipino entrepreneurs in making a strong push for economic resurgence through our superior lineup of trucks and buses that are ready to move businesses and help open up opportunities for our shared goal of transform-nation,” Ms. Agudo concluded.

Hyundai’s September-y Good deals run from September 1 to 30, 2021.

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