Take a break from your routine with Caltex

People are already lining up for their second dose of vaccine and restrictions are easing up on many tourist spots. However, one can’t deny that for many people, the budget is still spread thin which makes travelling more of a privilege right now than the leisure activity it used to be before the pandemic. We have to save up whenever we can and that includes refuelling.

Sometimes we get lucky because the gas attendants will share with us promos that they have. The rewards are enticing and participating takes little of our precious time. Usually though, the required minimum amount to join is pretty steep, around P1000, and we can only smile before turning them down.

Caltex heard our woes and launched a very attainable gas promo nationwide. You can participate in their Tuluy-tuloy na Gas, Tuluy-tuloy na Cash promo when you spend as little as P300 pesos in their fuels with Techron or Havoline and Delo engine oils and car lubricants. A total of P15-million in instant discounts and P4.3-million in cash prizes are up for grabs simply for doing what you normally do.

The relatively low purchase requirement of the fuel promo means budget-conscious people also have the chance to be rewarded, not just those who fuel up in half or full-tanks. Aside from car owners, the low entry point also welcomes motorcycle riders since most of them can have a full tank with that P300 pesos.

The discounts come in the form of P50 fuel vouchers that can be redeemed at any Caltex station for up to 3 vouchers per transaction. This means you can pull out less cash and use the savings somewhere else, use the vouchers alone, or get more fuel for your money by just redeeming the prize on top of your cash.

If you choose the latter, with gas prices around P50 per liter, that’s 3 liters of free fuel that can give an average sedan around 30 kilometers if you’re not driving during rush hour and are not rev-happy with the throttle.

It’s enough additional mileage to give you a break from your daily routine and go somewhere you can mentally recuperate. You can chill in Tagaytay or enjoy the scenic drive up to Tanay while looking for the perfect resto along the way to end your quick getaway. The distance increases if you’re using a small hatchback and for motorcycle riders, that’s a long drive to Nasugbu or weeks of free fuel.

In case you don’t win a fuel voucher, you’re still included in the monthly raffle that will see 250 winners of P5,000, 150 winners of P10,000 and 15 winners of P100,000. You can have a full-tank of gas, new clothes from Uniqlo, pay some bills – and we’re just talking about the lowest cash prize. The higher tiers would allow you to take a much needed break from the city and basically get an all-expense paid staycation in nearby provinces where you can take a deep breath again without worrying about the pollution. A pretty luxurious return considering it all started with a P300 purchase from Caltex.

Re-fuelling might be a mundane activity, but Caltex’s Tuluy-tuloy na Gas, Tuluy-tuloy na Cash promo makes it more than a task. It gives a lot of people the chance to have a leisurely trip again and remember the possibilities they still have that the pandemic eclipsed.

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