Lexus Car Maintenance weekend is happening from Sept. 16 to 18

Hard-working vehicles need to endure varying road conditions; extremes in ambient temperatures; and stop-and-go traffic. For an engine to operate at its best, it must be kept in tip-top shape. Following a periodic maintenance schedule (PMS) is vital for this, as is the use of genuine parts and lubricants during every service.

Lexus is offering a 40% discount on Lexus Genuine  (Fully-Synthetic) Engine Oil to all customers who will avail of PMS at Lexus Manila and other Lexus Accredited Dealerships ( Toyota Mandaue-South, Cebu; Toyota Davao City; Toyota San Fernando, Pampanga; Toyota Santa Rosa; and Toyota La Union) during the promo period from Sept. 16-18 2021.

Having your car serviced at Lexus gives you access to Lexus Genuine Engine Oil which is formulated to work with your vehicle perfectly. When you buy a Lexus, you’ll not only enjoy the vehicle’s unparalleled luxury and advanced technology, but also the complete customer care experience. From regular servicing requirements to emergency roadside assistance, Lexus has got it covered.

As an added bonus, customers will also receive an added discount if they avail of any or a combination of the following products:

-20% less on Lexus BactaKlenz Service

-20% less on UV Lamp & Air Purifier Bundle

-10% less on UV Lamp and Air Purifier if purchased separately

The Japanese philosophy of hospitality affects everything Lexus does, including the five-star treatment you get with the brand’s personalized aftersales services. This is the Lexus experience, the embodiment of ‘omotenashi’–or Japanese hospitality. This customer-first philosophy continues to serve as a mission statement and solemn oath. Lexus is a benchmark of customer satisfaction. “We will treat each customer as we would a guest in our home,” is its mantra.

Book your PMS with us soon, and avail of this special offer crafted especially for you.

To learn more, visit the Lexus website at or visit our social media pages on Facebook and Instagram @lexusmanila

To arrange a consultation with a sales consultant, visit the Lexus Remote page at

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