The unofficial most visible new cars on the road

Numbers at the end of the fiscal year are obviously an indicator if a car is selling well. Another measure for that would be how often do you see them on the road. Usually, newly launched cars won’t be immediately visible. That’s because dealerships are still depleting stocks of the older model and so they have promos for them, making them more enticing for the buyer. 

But some cars are too good to pass up on. Such is the case for these five because I see them all the time whenever I’m driving in the metro or in my new home in Bulacan. I’m not saying they’ll be in the top five best-seller list at the end of the year. What’s sure is they’ll help their brand be bigger for 2024.

Geely GX3 Pro

Let’s start with the Geely GX3 Pro. It was a long time coming for this crossover considering it was previewed during MIAS in April and back then we were told the official launch will be held in May. Months passed and it was finally officially unveiled in August. Then a couple of weeks later, the brand found itself in the middle of an after-sales issue. 

A good number of people saw past those problems and looked at the GX3 Pro for what it can offer. It may have a muted exterior aesthetic compared to the Coolray, but the interior is certainly a step or two ahead of its rivals. It has a quiet cabin, modern looking dash, techy amenities in the 8-inch touchscreen, digital aircon controls, push start button, and rear camera with dynamic guidelines. 

It’s not as fast as the Emgrand did in terms of road presence, but you will definitely see a good number of GX3 Pros in the metro every day.

Ford Ranger Raptor

The gnarliest pickup in the country had a significant price hike but that didn’t deter its fans from getting one. Why would they when there’s nothing like it in the country, until Toyota updated the Hilux GR-Sport later this year.

Anyway, the Ranger Raptor comes with a powerful bi-turbo engine, FOX shocks, aggressive looks, but still has a comfortable ride in and out of the city. It’s this chemistry of aggression and function that made the Ranger Raptor a unicorn of a car in the market. 

Price hike? Ford justified that with the Advanced Driver Assist Features that’s now present in the Ranger Raptor. It has Adaptive Cruise Control with Stop and Go, Autonomous Emergency Braking, Evasive Steer Assist, 360-degree Camera, and more! You’ll see this behemoth in the city, on the highway, and even here in Bulacan where it goes through all the road ruts like a sedan on smooth asphalt. 

Ford Territory

The next-gen Ford Territory confidently continues what it started back in 2020. As the first generation was crucial in keeping the brand afloat during the pandemic, this next-generation model can also be hailed for being in many garages before its launch year ends. 

It may have been strange at first because the former top of the line trim Titanium is now called the entry model, since there’s a new top of the line in the Titanium X. It’s also surprising that they removed the panoramic sunroof for the Titanium and made it exclusive for the Titanium X. All of that is overshadowed by the fact that Ford fixed the glaring issues in the Territory, namely the transmission and how it drives. 

The shifting is now smoother while the steering wheel has more weight to it. Having driven it in Marilaque, I can also say it’s more stable than the former model. This is why it isn’t surprising that I keep seeing this in the business districts of Ortigas, Makati, and BGC. 

Jetour Ice Cream

Unlike the others in this list that I’ve seen in business districts or major roads and highways, I’ve only seen the Jetour Ice Cream in specific places – in the streets near upper-middle class and upper class residential areas. I’m talking about the houses in Timog, New Manila, San Juan, or the subdivisions in Pasig, Makati, and the likes. 

You may wonder why I’ve only seen them in these places, given they have a range of 170km. Well, the traffic in the city will shorten that range quickly. Add that only big malls have a charging station for EVs, and one won’t really risk going out of town with the Ice Cream even if they could. 

The fun thing about seeing a Jetour Ice Cream on the move is it’s almost a myth. It’s too quick that it will disappear from your sight immediately. Sure, it only has 20kW of power but with instantaneous acceleration and 100 kph top speed, you won’t be able to chase one for a photo op.

Toyota Yaris Cross 

Among the all new cars that were launched this year, the Toyota Yaris Cross is the inevitable one I always see nowadays. Launched last August, I think I’m seeing it more than the Raize despite being only four months present in the market. It doesn’t matter where I am – EDSA, C5, NLEX, Skyway Stage 3, SM Baliwag, even the side streets of Manila, there’s always a high chance of seeing the Yaris Cross. 

It’s understandable too. With a low entry price of PHP 1,199,000 and great features even for the base model like automatic climate control, 10.1-inch touchscreen with wireless Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, Type-C ports, 6 airbags, front and rear sensors, and speed sensing door locks, the Yaris Cross is highly desirable for those that can afford it. 

It also helps that advanced driver assist features can be had for only PHP 97,000 more in the V variant. Pre-Collision System, Adaptive Cruise Control, Lane Tracing Assist are great additions for city and highway driving especially in this age of kamotes on wheels.

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