Photo by KJ Rosales/STAR

WATCH: Smuggled Ferrari destroyed by Customs

Ouch. There goes a “prancing horse.”

The Bureau of Customs (BOC) destroyed a secondhand Ferrari 360 Spider to serve as a warning to smugglers of luxury vehicles in the country.

The vehicle was declared as used auto spare parts and arrived at the Port of Manila last May 13. The BOC said that the luxury vehicle was declared abandoned and forfeited pursuant to Section 1129 of the Customs Modernization and Tarrif Act.

Photo by KJ Rosales/STAR
Photo by KJ Rosales/STAR

However, instead of auto parts, the agency discovered during an inspection that the shipment contained a Ferrari with both of its doors dismantled.

More painful than a breakup 💔WATCH: A bulldozer destroys a misdeclared Ferrari at the Bureau of Customs. | Video courtesy of Evelyn Macairan.

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Photo by KJ Rosales/STAR
Photo by KJ Rosales/STAR

The Ferrari was later flattened by a bulldozer which ran over it several times at the Customs compound in Port Area, Manila. Aside from the luxury vehicle, the BOC also destroyed 12 cigarette-making machines and more than 1,000 master cases of several brands of counterfeit cigarettes.

The BOC said that the seizure and destruction of the goods should serve as a warning to smugglers and manufacturers.

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