Caltex launches Techron Concentrate for diesel engines

Chevron Philippines, Inc. – the country’s retailer of Caltex fuels and lubricants – announced last Thursday that its Techron D Concentrate is now available in the Philippine market. Techron is a fuel additive developed by Chevron that can help clean the fuel systems of vehicles (especially older ones), and thus encourage better engine efficiency and performance. 

In the past, only Techron Concentrate Plus – meant for gasoline engines – was available in the market. But finally, the Techron D Concentrate – meant for diesel engines – can also be sourced locally, and at an introductory price of P355 per 16oz bottle.

Techron is quite impressive because it has been proven to have detergency and dispersancy properties. The reason why you would like to apply something with these properties into your fuel tank is that it can basically act like a detergent, that can clean your vehicle’s injector components. 

You see, through a vehicle’s continued use, its fuel injector system will typically start accumulating stubborn carbon deposits. These deposits, when in larger amounts, are detrimental to your vehicle’s efficiency because they partially clog the fuel channels and result in reduced fuel flow, and/or irregular patterns of fuel spray into the cylinders. Effectively, this may result in drivers experiencing a loss of power, increased fuel consumption and higher/darker vehicle emissions.

In the case of diesel engines, Techron D Concentrate works by having its Techron Precision Clean Technology target and remove these stubborn carbon deposits. The way it works is chemical – its formula basically bonds with, and breaks apart carbon leftovers that it comes into contact with. These areas of action are usually in the injector tip (nozzle); inside the diesel injectors themselves; and inside the plunger of the injectors.

Caltex claims that in specific tests, their Techron D Concentrate managed to restore injectors whose flow had deteriorated down to only 20 percent, back to 99 percent flow. Obviously, the likely reapers of the biggest benefits here are owners of older cars, whose fuel systems may already be severely clogged. But Caltex says Techron D Concentrate is still effective even with the latest common-rail diesel engines; and works with all types of diesel fuel, including ultra-low sulfur diesel, bio-diesel and bio-diesel blends.

The mode of administration is to apply one bottle (16oz) of Techron D Concentrate to a full tank of diesel, of up to 80 liters; and drive the vehicle for about 5,000km (cumulatively), before opting to apply once again. Should the customer wish to splurge to increase the efficacy of the Techron, Chevron’s technical manager recommends that only up to a maximum of 400ml be administered to a full tank of fuel, regardless of tank capacity. His suggestion of two bottles max per full tank is based on getting value for money, since as with many things, there applies a law of diminishing returns.

Caltex asserts that customers who try their Techron D Concentrate will notice an improvement in engine power, responsiveness and fuel economy. It may also contribute towards engine noise reduction, depending on the severity of the carbon deposits in the first place.

Furthermore, their Techron D Concentrate also claims to deliver a ‘cetane boost’ that can improve a diesel engine’s cold-start by enhancing diesel combustion. A cetane rating is the measurement of the ignitability of diesel; so as a rule, higher-cetane diesels will have a shorter delay period between the start of fuel injection, and the start of fuel combustion.

The enhanced combustion resulting from the ‘cetane boost’ may also lower exhaust particulates, hydrocarbons and carbon monoxide. For heavy-duty diesel engines, it may even reduce the discharge of nitrogen oxides.

Techron D Concentrate is now for sale over at Lazada and Caltex service stations nationwide. Its promotional price of P355 per bottle will be honored until March 31, 2018.

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