Test drives: The next level with Jaguar Land Rover

Imagine yourself behind the wheel of the latest Jaguar and Land Rover model, pushing them to their limits with an experienced instructor by your side. You just imagined Jaguar’s The Art of Performance Tour and Land Rover’s Above and Beyond Tour.

Celebrating the rich heritage and lasting legacy that both Jaguar and Land Rover are known for, All British Cars, the sole authorized dealer of these premium British brands put together these two experiential tours together for the first time in Southeast Asia. Done with the help and supervision of Jaguar Land Rover Asia Pacific, this is the first event of All British Cars since they were appointed as the sole exclusive dealer earlier this year by Coventry Motors Corporation.

The Mega Tent Events Venue along C5, Quezon City was turned into a playground where Jaguar and Land Rover vehicles could be pushed safely to the limit through a series of driving courses and challenges that go beyond the normal test drive. The tour also incorporated interactive sessions where enthusiasts learned more about the two iconic brands. The three-day showcase was made even more meaningful as Land Rover formally commemorated its 70th anniversary a few weeks earlier.

Using the Jaguar XE compact sedan, XF midsized sedan, and F-Pace SUV, The Art of Performance Tour showcased Jaguar’s spirited handling through various driving simulations including low-grip surfaces, speed courses, slaloms, and even a donut course. All in all, they provide a better appreciation of how Jaguar vehicles respond to such high-speed situations.

Meanwhile, The Above and Beyond Tour let participants conquer rigorous road conditions and terrain in the latest Land Rover vehicles from the Land Rover Discovery to the Range Rover Velar. From steep 30-degree inclines to 40-degree sideway tilts to 500mm-deep water-wading pools, these obstacles proved no match for Land Rover’s various technologies that work seamlessly together giving the driver confidence to overcome these obstacles and their fears.

Curiosity about a favorite car or brand can sometimes be difficult to satisfy. Caressing a beautiful car on the showroom floor almost never has the same effect as firing the ignition. And even if you’re lucky enough to take a short round-the-block test drive, you’re never able to push them to the limit in order to appreciate the countless man-hours that go into their development and engineering.

But just as Jaguar and Land Rover’s new Philippine distributor Coventry Motors Corporation and its sole authorized dealer, All British Cars showed that they’re willing to uplift the whole customer experience, they’re also out to show that these two premium brands can walk the talk; that they’re a cut above the rest in terms of ability and performance.

For more information about Jaguar and Land Rover vehicles, customers may contact All British Cars at 02-784-5003 or visit their showroom located at the CATS Center along EDSA, Greenhills. Customers can also check out their official website at www.jaguar.ph and www.landrover.ph.

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