Free Service: Car brands that offer extraordinary after-sales perks

A car company’s service shouldn’t end with the customers driving out of the showrooms with a huge smile on their faces. As many of you who own a vehicle should know by now, the price tag is just the tip of the iceberg called car ownership – something that Filipino car buyers should always consider when shopping for a brand new ride.

These costs include voluntary out-of-pocket expenses that any car owner would be incurring, like vehicle modifications, upgrade, or anything that would add personalization to their beloved ride. These are the things that car owners would probably indulge in because personalization is one of the many great things that come with vehicle ownership.

Other expenses, however, are for maintenance procedures that car owners should follow to keep their vehicles in tiptop shape. These are almost mandatory, to the point that missing a schedule with your dealership might void your car’s warranty.

With that said, some car brands in the Philippines actually have devised a way to alleviate a car owner from these responsibilities – at least in the early years of car ownership. The latest of those car brands is Chery Auto Philippines, now under the distributorship of United Asia Automotive Group, Inc. (UAAGI), the same company that brings Foton passenger and commercial vehicle to the country.

Free Preventive Maintenance Services

Now under the UAAGI and determined to remove the stigma built around Chinese car brands, Chery announced that it is offering its Tiggo lineup of crossovers with an extraordinary after-sales perk – three years of free preventive maintenance services (PMS).

What’s the extent of the free services, you ask? Chery said that the coverage includes brake fluid, transmission oil, and overall mechanical checkup, including the suspension, engine, and transmission. Replacement of oil, air, and fuel filters are also included in the deal, which will all be detected through the use of a computerized scanner. Moreover, Chery has minimized the frequency of these services, which is required every 10,000 kilometers or virtually just twice a year.

The company also guarantees that spare parts will be sufficient throughout your Chery ownership. Through the ‘Chery Parts Guarantee,’ UAAGI claims that OEM genuine parts, specially the consumable ones, will be adequate. UAAGI has invested money on its spare parts inventory to guarantee this.

Those are just the cherries on top. To assure you that these new Chery vehicles are up to par with Japanese quality that Filipinos are accustomed to, every Chery Tiggo rolls off showrooms with a 5-year/150,000 km factory warranty and a whopping 10-year/1-million kilometer engine warranty. To this date, this is the most extensive engine warranty coverage I’ve heard of. Goes to show that UAAGI is deeply serious with its guarantee with every Chery vehicle.

Mazda & SsangYongs Free PMS

Chery isn’t the first brand to offer such free services to its customers. In fact, Mazda Philippines has been bundling its cars with free three-year PMS since 2013 under the YOJIN3 Total Care campaign. Similar to what Chery now offers, Mazda’s YOJIN3 covers labor and other consumables for up to three years or 60,000 kilometers, whichever comes first.

SsangYong Philippines, under the distributorship of Berjaya Motor Philippines, offers the same free three-year PMS, as well. This is the same company behind Mazda Philippines, so really, this isn’t a surprise. Only goes to show how this company takes care of its customers, regardless if they’re driving Japanese or South Korean cars.

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