Never just wipe ash from your car – expert

With the eruption of the Taal Volcano have come multiple reports of ashfall from Cavite to Parañaque and even Makati and Quezon City.

As the airborne deposits from the eruption settle onto vehicles, car owners are being warned about hastily wiping the ash away — lest they scratch their vehicle surface.

Aegis Detailing Philippines CEO and master detailer Jason Lei Yee gives expert advice for car owners.

He tells WHEELS.PH: “Never wipe the surface dry. When convenient, rinse the car thoroughly using a pressure washer. Remember that ash is composed of micro rock particles that will scratch your paint. Once the car is clean, apply a thick layer of wax to protect it.”

The same goes for the windshield, Yee adds. But he cautions, “For safety reasons, and if you have to use your wipers, do so. But there is a possibility of scratching — even when you use wiper fluid.”

He adds, “Think of it like liquid rubbing compound or liquid polish.”

So again, if you can’t stand the ash sticking onto your vehicle, put down that piece of cloth — microfiber or otherwise — and drive straight to your nearest reputable carwash.

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