Mazda unveils RX-Vision GT3 Concept for Gran Turismo on PS4

Mazda has unveiled the spectacular RX-Vision GT3 Concept in the highly popular Gran Turismo Sport driving simulation game on Sony PlayStation. Penned by Mazda designers who based the virtual racecar on the award-winning 2015 RX-Vision Concept Car, and jointly developed with Polyphony Digital, the RX-Vision GT3 Concept is the eighth Mazda that may be raced in the online game’s various events and competitions.

The RX-Vision GT3 Concept is as head-turning as any Italian supercar. It has breathtakingly wide fenders and sits impossibly low. Like a proper aerodynamic racecar, the rotary-engined RX-Vision GT3 Concept version takes it to the extreme of ground clearance with a large carbon-fiber front splitter, a rear diffuser that hangs millimeters above the ground, and a huge rear wing.

But despite the radical racecar dimensions and shape, the RX-Vision GT3 Concept still retains a strong connection with Mazda’s KODO: Soul of Motion design language, particularly in the evocative shape of the grille, the expressiveness of the headlamps, and the twin-ring LED design of the taillights, which look like they came straight from the new Mazda3.

“Mazda has a long heritage of success in motorsports,” says Steven Tan, president, and CEO of Mazda Philippines. “With the Mazda RX-Vision GT3 Concept, we pay homage to our triumph with the rotary engine, the symbol of Mazda’s never-stop challenging spirit. We believe that Digital Motor Sport is the most accessible way to attract the younger generation of Filipinos into the global racing arena. That is why we hope that Filipino online racers will compete using this new racecar so that they will experience for themselves the passion for driving which our brand champions.”

Mazda’s RX-Vision GT3 Concept might exist in the virtual world only, but a recent patent filing could hint that a real-life (and more realistic) version might be on the way. The patent includes a front-engine, rear-drive new-generation supercar powered by a Wankel rotary (or any number of other possible engines) and supplemented by a hybrid system comprised of electric motors up front, another electric motor behind the engine, and a lithium-ion battery. Could this be the rumored RX-9? That’ll be one bucket-list car to drive.

Speaking of driving, it’s an activity that has become severely curtailed everywhere with the coronavirus pandemic. Thankfully, car and gaming enthusiasts can now connect online to enjoy the thrill and entertainment the virtual racing world allows. “As we miss the feel and excitement of actual local motorsports events such as the Miata Cup, and even the learnings from our highly successful Motorsport Development Program with the Automobile Association Philippines (AAP), we believe that we can still recreate the thrill of driving and further appreciate the virtues of competition through Mazda’s efforts in Digital Motor Sport,” Tan added.

Mazda’s new RX-Vision GT3 Concept allows PlayStation Plus-registered Gran Turismo Sport players to virtually compete in the game’s various racing events. It also allows online players to take part in two Mazda special events commemorating the brand’s 100th Year Anniversary. The first is the Time Trail Challenge which lets racers from around the world to vie for the fastest time in Belgium’s legendary Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps using the RX-Vision GT3 Concept. This will be hosted by Mazda from May 22 until June 5. The second is the Livery Design Contest which also started on May 22 and will run for four weeks until June 19. Using the livery editor feature of Gran Turismo Sport, players can create and submit their interpretation of Mazda’s 100-year Anniversary on their Mazda RX-Vision GT3 Concept.

The winning entries will be picked by the same Mazda design team that created the virtual racecar. For more details on both events, visit the Digital Motor Sport section of

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