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Never mix business with personal matters is the most common advice you will hear from business or financial advisers. However, it’s a different case with the Mitsubishi L300. The simple looking yet tough utilitarian van may seem bland at first sight but it has its way to sneak its way to your heart. Having been in the market for more than 30 years, the L300 is often utilized by Small, Medium Entrepreneurs because of its reliability and low cost maintenance. Commonly used as a delivery van or people hauler for companies or schools, the L300 has become that dependable partner that grows on you over the years. Picture it as that loyal sidekick that will stick with you through thick and thin and will never fall short especially at the most trying times.

It is not just a family van, it is a van that is family

The family of Mr. William Yu owned a hardware store back in the 90’s. They bought a Mitsubishi L300 specifically to support the delivery side of the business but they realized that it can also serve other purposes as well. To maximize the van, they used it as a school service and personal van for the family. Through the years, the L300 experienced many challenging tasks from heavy hauling of hardware goods to traversing flooded streets. Despite being the daily workhorse, the L300 powered through and never broke down on the Yu’s.

When a financial burden struck the family and the need to sell the loyal steed came, the Yu family felt truly saddened as the experience resembled to a parting with a family member. Ernest, Mr. Yu’s youngest son was the most affected as he had the strongest connection with vehicle. As an engineering student, he appreciated the craftsmanship of the L300 and its capabilities.

Years past and the Yu family was able to overcome the financial ordeal. Ernest, contacted his uncle who bought the L300 from their family and bought it back. Some repairs was required but with his knowledge in fixing cars, he was able to revive the trusty van which he then named “Legend”. Currently, Ernest is the President of the Mitsubishi L300 Enthusiast club. Apart from organizing group activities that strengthen the camaraderie among members, they also facilitate outreach programs to help the community.

During the initial Enhance Community Quarantine implementation, Ernest volunteered as a manpower and vehicle support for street disinfection. He also offered free shuttling for front liners. He and “Legend” tirelessly worked day and night to contribute to the goal of flattening the curve.

“Iba ang connection ang na feel ko with our L300. Ilang beses na siya nasubukan pero never bumigay. Kaya when I saw the opportunity to buy it back, I didn’t think twice. It is not just a family van for me but a van that is part of our family.” – Ernest Yu, proud Mitsubishi L300 owner said.

Pliant as a bamboo

Mr. Jessie Cabral is a proud Mitsubishi L300 owner. Though initially it was not his first choice, he eventually became a strong enthusiast of the product and is now the Vice President of the L300 Club of the Philippines. He sees the L300 as a versatile vehicle that can serve many purpose. 6 years ago, he bought the unit for his for delivery service business which then he also used for various outreach activities. He shares fond memories of traveling as far as Dingalan Aurora to bring support to an Aeta tribe. Mr. Cabral also commended the outstanding performance of the L300 as he would recall crossing rivers and powering through steep zigzag roads without encountering any problems.

When the Metro was placed under ECQ, his delivery business was badly affected but rather than letting the situation put him down, he emulated the flexible characteristic of his L300 and pivoted his business to a shuttle service for companies. The move helped him get through predicament.

“Sa buhay kailangan maging madiskarte at mabilis magadjust. Hindi ka pwedeng basta na lang magpapatalo. Sa bawat pagsubok, dapat bukas ang mga mata para sa opportunity na maari natin mamaximize. Higit sa lahat, kailangan din natin maging mapagpasalamat sa blessings na natatangap at maging ugali na mag-share sa kapwa para tuloy tuloy ang biyaya.” – said Mr. Jessie Cabral.

Built By the Filipino, for the Filipino

The Mitsubishi L300 is proudly Filipino made as it is built in the MMPC Sta. Rosa plant. Since its introduction 30 years ago, the reliable workhorse has sold more than 190,000 units and recently celebrated its 200,000th production milestone.  Equipped with a Euro4 2.2L turbo charged intercooler diesel engine the L300 produces 97hp and 200Nm of torque @ 3,500 rpm. It has a fuel consumption rating of 15.43km/L based on the 2019 fuel test conducted by the Automobile Association of the Philippines (AAP). Strong, durable, and easy to maintain are the key traits that makes the Mitsubishi L300 the reliable vehicle partner for the Filipinos. For the month of September Mitsubishi Motors Philippine Corporation will provide a special price offer of Php 698,000.00 a Php 106,000 discount from its original SRP.

To know more about the ever reliable and trusted Mitsubishi L300 by visiting any of our 55 dealerships nationwide or through our website at

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