MMDA cites 100 bus ban violators

More than 100 bus drivers were caught picking up and loading off passengers along EDSA before the temporary suspension of Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA)’s dry run to ban provincial buses along Metro Manila’s longest thoroughfare. 

In a report by The STAR, MMDA traffic chief Bong Nebrija said that a daily average of 15 to 18 provincial bus drivers were caught by traffic enforcers since the implementation of the policy last month. 

However, Nebrija believes that the policy is effective since the number of bus drivers who were being apprehended was decreasing.

Despite the suspension of the ban, the MMDA said that the strict implementation to prohibit bus drivers from loading or unloading commuters along Metro Manila’s longest highway will still be in effect.

The dry run sought to evaluate if the policy would be effective in solving the traffic congestion that both commuters and motorists brave on EDSA every day.

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