WATCH: Ticket-shy driver plows through vehicles and people

“Escape by all means necessary” seemed to be the mantra of this particular motorist. 

Chaos ensued after a man who fled from enforcers flagging him down for a traffic violation ended up ramming several vehicles in the process in Sampaloc, Manila on Monday.

A short clip that has spread like wildfire on social media shows several men hurling projectiles at a car already damaged from crashing into several parked vehicles in a small alley under Nagtahan flyover as the driver maneuvered to make a getaway. 

WARNING: Video contains explicit language.

In a report aired on ABS-CBN’s TV Patrol, police said that the suspect drove away 

from a traffic enforcer after showing a fake driver’s license. Two people were injured as the car weaved recklessly through traffic to escape. 

Various license plates and IDs were found inside the vehicle that was later abandoned near Mabini Bridge.

The suspect, who was only identified as “Frankie” is still at large.

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